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Yeast artificial chromosomes employed for random assembly of biosynthetic pathways and production of diverse compounds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
BackgroundNatural products are an important source of drugs and other commercially interesting compounds, however their isolation and production is often difficult. Metabolic engineering, mainly inExpand
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Performance Analysis of Domestic LPG Cooking Stoves with Porous Media
Porous media combustion is an area of current research aimed at improving the performances of combustion devices and thus its application to various systems is being widely explored. One of theExpand
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Search and rescue operations using robotic darwinian particle swarm optimization
Swarm robots have the potential to be utilized as a part of various applications due to the obvious advantages they offer, namely their resilience, their adaptability to different environments, andExpand
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A New Meta Heuristic Algorithm Based Shunt Capacitive Compensation for Power Loss Reduction on Radial Distribution System
This paper describes an efficient and novel approach for capacitor placement in radial distribution systems that determine the optimal locations and size of capacitor with an objective of enhancingExpand
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A Survey on Customer Churn Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques
The fast expansion of the market in every sector is leading to superior subscriber base for service providers. Added competitors, novel and innovative business models and enhanced services areExpand
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Modeling Of Combinational Circuits Based On Ternary Multiplexer Using VHDL
This paper presents a novel method for defining, analyzing, testing and implementing the basic combinational circuitry with VHDL Simulator. This paper shows the potential of VHDL modeling andExpand
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Frame Based Prediction for Games in Mobile Devices Using Dynamic Voltage Scaling
Mobile devices have major problems with battery life. Dynamic voltage scaling technique is used to solve this problem with low power utilization .Most of the video games are implemented by higherExpand
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Voltage control is accomplished by managing reactive power on an alternating current power system. Reactive power can be produced and absorb by both generation and transmission equipments. TheExpand
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Designed & Comparison of Reliability Analysis in 6T & 5T SRAM Cell
Temporary reduction VLSI IC silicon technology is an important factor for the scale of reliability problems. The instability of the Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI), Positive BiasExpand
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