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Baal in the Ras Shamra texts
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Shamanistic features in the Old Testament
The question whether there are shamanistic features in the O.T. will receive different answers according to the definitions of the term shamanism. There is no reason to doubt that shamanisticExpand
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The Interrelationship Between Religion and Magic in Hittite Religion
The question of the interrelationship between religion and magic has often been touched upon by scholars. It has been so especially since the works of EWARD B. TYLOR1) and J. G. FRAZER 2), who helpedExpand
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Cult and prophetic words
The Number Seven in Ugaritic Texts
In his "Ugaritic Literature" Cyrus H. GORDON sums up about Baal: "Baal is a fertility but not a seasonal god; on only one occasion (67:1I) do we know he was killed, later to be revived (49:III); theExpand
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Central ideas in Amos
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