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Utility of serum protein-bound neutral hexoses and L-fucose for estimation of malignant tumor extension and evaluation of efficacy of therapy.
Summary The method used permits correction for the influence of the neutral hexoses, galactose and mannose, on the apparent concentration of protein-bound l-fucose, as estimated by theExpand
The production of cadmium-binding protein in three species of freshwater fish.
Cadmium-binding protein was detected in the liver and kidney of stoneloach, Noemacheilus barbatulus, roach, Rutilus rutilus and rainbow trout which had been dosed i.p. with 1 mg cadmium (Cd)/kg body weight 168 h previously. Expand
Effect of ionizing radiation on total protein-bound neutral hexoses in the plasma of mice.
The refinement of these data to provide an index to radiosensitivity prior to and prognosis after irradiation in otherwise healthy individuals is proposed. Expand
Correlation of radiation-induced ultrastructural changes in mouse hepatocytes with alterations in plasma concentration of protein-bound neutral hexoses.
Among the radiation-induced differences observed in the hepatocytes were moderate to marked dilatation of the rough endoplasmic reticulum, increased Golgi activity, and rounding of the mitochondria with a decrease in numbers of mitochondrial granules that were correlated with the increased plasma concentration of protein-bound neutral hexoses uniformly found in animals which succumb to radiation injury. Expand
Effect of monoenergetic 14-MeV neutron and mixed gamma-neutron radiations on immunoelectrophoretic patterns of mice.
Marked differences were seen in the $\beta _{2}\text{-globulin}$ response of the animals to the two sources during the first week postirradiation as tested by immunoelectrophoresis in agar gel. Expand
Effect of ionizing radiations on distribution of plasma protein-bound neutral hexoses in mice and dogs.
  • A. S. Evans
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Radiation research
  • 1 July 1970
Abstract : Comparison of changes in concentration of protein-bound carbohydrates (PBC) as neutral hexoses in the plasma of C3H mice and beagles as a function of time after exposure to mixedExpand
Partial Characterization of Carbohydrate Residues of Serum Glycoproteins in Neoplastic Disease
Abstract : The objective of this investigation was primarily to establish that the apparent increase in serum fucose levels in patients with malignant tumors is real and to obtain data as to itsExpand
Prognostic significance of concentrations of four classes of protein-bound carbohydrates in the serum of dogs.
Numerical ranges of protein concentrations of neutral hexoses are proposed to indicate good, guarded, and poor prognoses for this species and were found to be effective for prediction. Expand