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Detailed balance limit for the series constrained two terminal tandem solar cell
Abstract Tandem stacks of solar cells have clearly shown their ability to increase the efficiency of solar energy conversion. This paper investigates the limiting efficiency of unconstrained and theExpand
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Particle conservation in the hot‐carrier solar cell
In conventional p–n junction solar cells, carrier multiplication by impact ionisation, is negligible, owing to the low temperature of the electron–hole pairs. This leads to particle conservationExpand
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Correlations in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) concentrations in UK ambient air and implications for source apportionment.
The extent of correlation in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) concentration data obtained by the UK PAH Monitoring and Analysis Air Quality Network from March 2008 to November 2010 has beenExpand
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Impurity photovoltaic effect: Fundamental energy conversion efficiency limits
In the past, minimal improvements have been predicted for efficiency enhancement of solar cells using the impurity photovoltaic (IPV) effect, where optical excitation through midgap defect levelsExpand
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Comparison of methods for the measurement of hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas.
Measurement of the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas is crucial when determining whether gas can be transported safely through national and international pipeline networks. This report summarisesExpand
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Limiting efficiency for current‐constrained two‐terminal tandem cell stacks
Tandem stacks of solar cells have clearly shown their ability to increase the efficiency of solar energy conversion. In the past, the challenge in making these devices often has been in the materialsExpand
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Intermediate band solar cell with many bands: Ideal performance
When the intermediate band solar cell (IBSC) absorbs sunlight, electrons are excited not only between the valence and conduction bands of the semiconductor material constituting the cell, but alsoExpand
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Limiting efficiency for a multi-band solar cell containing three and four bands
Abstract Multi-band solar cells provide a possible approach to obtain photovoltaic efficiencies that are greater than that of a single junction solar cell. In the three-band case, an intermediateExpand
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Gravimetric methods for the preparation of standard gas mixtures
The most widely used method for the preparation of primary standard gas mixtures involves weighing the individual components into a cylinder. We present a new mathematical description of the methodExpand
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Studies of the effect of humidity and other factors on some different filter materials used for gravimetric measurements of ambient particulate matter
Abstract The results from studies of the effects of several factors on the accurate measurement of particulate matter (PM) mass collected on ambient air monitoring filters are described. The mainExpand
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