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National income accounting in the USSR
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Strategic Breakout as a Soviet Policy Option.
Abstract : The author examines the assumption that the Soviet Union is unlikely to violate the SALT agreements because any incentive to do so would be overriden by the military and political costs ofExpand
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Ogarkov's complaint and Gorbachev's dilemma: The Soviet defense budget and party-military conflict
Abstract : This report attempts to illuminate the conflict within the Soviet Union between the Communist Party and the military high command over resource allocation in the early 1980s. It examinesExpand
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CIA Estimates of Soviet Military Expenditure
Abstract : To summarize the chief points of this abbreviated assessment of the CIA estimates: the Agency's estimates are and will probably continue to be imbedded in controversy because of SovietExpand
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  • A. S. Becker
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1 January 1971
Abraham S. Becker. Soviet National Income, 1958-1964: National Accounts of the USSR in the Seven Year Plan Period. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1969. Pp. xvii+ 608. $19.75. KeithExpand
Soviet Policy in the Middle East.
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East-West Economic Relations and the Soviet Union's Defense Posture: Report of a Rand Conference, March 20, 1982.
Abstract : This workshop conference had two principal purposes: (1) to consider and discuss practicable ideas for restricting West-to-East resource flows, while limiting undesirable side effects onExpand