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Pharmacological and therapeutic properties of licorice preparations (A review)
Remarkable therapeutic properties of licorice (herbs of the Glycyrrhiza genus) as a medicinal plant are known from very ancient times. Licorice roots have been used as a raw plant material forExpand
Phenolic compounds of the genera Glycyrrhiza L. and Meristotropis Fisch. et Mey. (review)
Data for 280 phenolic compounds from closely related plants of the genera Glycyrrhiza and Meristotropis were compiled completely for the first time. The biochemical classification of these compoundsExpand
Triterpenoids of Plants of Glycyrrhiza L. and Meristotropis Fisch. et Mey Genuses (A Review)
In the past century there has been continued interest in the medicinal use of licorice, a plant known from ancient times, which might seem to have been exhaustively studied. However, new valuableExpand
Flavonoids of the genus Trifolium
Continuing an all-sided investigation of various species of clover [1], we have studied the flavonoid compounds from the epigeal parts of Trifolium sativumCrome, T. pratense L., T. alpestre L., andExpand