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Thermodynamic analysis of nucleation in confined space: generalized Gibbs approach.
A general thermodynamic analysis of nucleation-growth processes in confined space in initially metastable states of the ambient phase is performed based on the generalized Gibbs approach to theExpand
Kinetics of segregation processes in solutions: Saddle point versus ridge crossing of the thermodynamic potential barrier
Abstract Based on the solution of a set of kinetic equations describing nucleation and growth in solutions, the most probable path of evolution of the cluster ensemble in nucleation and growthExpand
Generalized Gibbs' approach in heterogeneous nucleation.
Heterogeneous nucleation (condensation and boiling) on planar solid surfaces is described taking into account changes of the state parameters of the critical clusters in dependence onExpand
The effect of elastic stresses on the thermodynamic barrier for crystal nucleation
Abstract For a variety of oxide glass-forming liquids, the thermodynamic barrier for homogeneous crystal nucleation, W c , exhibits an unusual increase with a decrease in temperature below theExpand
Crystallization of glass-forming liquids: Maxima of nucleation, growth, and overall crystallization rates
Abstract A set of equations for determining the temperatures and magnitudes of the maximum nucleation, growth, and overall crystallization rates of glass-forming liquids is derived and analyzed. TheExpand
Cooling rate dependence of undercooling of pure Sn single drop by fast scanning calorimetry
Non-adiabatic fast scanning calorimetry has been developed to in-situ measure the response of single metallic drops to temperature changes in a large range of cooling rate spanning four orders ofExpand
Thermodynamic Aspects of Pressure‐Induced Crystallization: Kauzmann Pressure
General equations for the dependence of the thermodynamic driving force and the specific interfacial energy melt-crystal of critical clusters on temperature and pressure are derived. AnalyticalExpand
The effect of heterogeneous structure of glass-forming liquids on crystal nucleation
Abstract A model for the description of crystal nucleation is proposed incorporating into classical nucleation theory concepts of spatial heterogeneity of glass-forming liquids. It is assumed thatExpand
Size and rate dependence of crystal nucleation in single tin drops by fast scanning calorimetry.
The experimentally accessible degree of undercooling of single micron-sized liquid pure tin drops has been studied via differential fast scanning calorimetry. The cooling rates employed ranged fromExpand