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The imaging magnetograph eXperiment for the SUNRISE balloon Antarctica project
The SUNRISE balloon project is a high-resolution mission to study solar magnetic fields able to resolve the critical scale of 100 km in the solar photosphere, or about one photon mean free path. TheExpand
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MIRI Telescope Simulator
The MTS, MIRI Telescope Simulator, is developed by INTA as the Spanish contribution of MIRI (Mid InfraRed Instrument) on board JWST (James Web Space Telescope). The MTS is considered as opticalExpand
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Antigenemia transitoria de superficie de la hepatitis B en pacientes en hemodiálisis
BACKGROUND The presence of surface antigen of hepatitis B (HBsAg) virus in serum from recently vaccinated adults has been scarcely investigated. In this work, after the detection by chance of sevenExpand
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Key comparison CCEM-K7: AC voltage ratio
We report the results of the international comparison of low-frequency ac voltage ratio: CCEM-K7. Expand
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Detailed design of the imaging magnetograph experiment (IMaX): a visible imager magnetograph for the Sunrise mission
In this work, it is described the Imaging Magnetograph eXperiment, IMaX, one of the three postfocal instruments of the Sunrise mission. The Sunrise project consists on a stratospheric balloon with aExpand
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A simulator for mobile-to-mobile shallow-water acoustic channels
We here present a mobile-to-mobile shallow water acoustic (SWA) channel simulator based on the proper construction of a linear time-variant (LTV) channel impulse response (CIR) from a set of linearExpand
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Atmosphere and telescope simulator for new adaptive optics methods development
The IACAT (IAC Atmosphere and Telescope) Simulator is an Optical Ground Support Equipment which simulates atmospheric turbulence and reproduces the performance of three very different telescopes: GTCExpand
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Evidencias de la captura incidental de pardela balear en el mar
En este volumen de la revista Boletin GIAM se publicaron conjuntamente las Actas del 6o Congreso del GIAM (Algeciras, Cadiz, 18-20 abril 2008) y del Taller Internacional sobre la Ecologia de Painos yExpand
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La Fura dels Baus and the legacy of Antonin Artaud
The theatre company La Fura dels Baus (LFdB) has been operating throughout Spain since 1979 and achieved considerable national and international success. Their work has already been studied both inExpand
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The MIRI cold telescope simulator
The MIRI Telescope Simulator (MTS) is part of the Optical Ground Support System (OGSE) for the verification and calibration phase of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Mid-Infrared InstrumentExpand
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