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Saturn's Zonal Winds at Cloud Level
We present an analysis of new cloud motion measurements in Saturn's atmosphere from Voyager 1 and 2 images and define a nominal zonal wind velocity vs latitude profile for the cloud top level that
An Introduction to Planetary Atmospheres
Introduction to Planets and Planetary Systems Planetary Systems Orbital Motion Gravitational Field and the Shape of Planets and Major Satellites Primary Energy Sources on Planets Internal Structure
The Magnetic Field in Giant Extrasolar Planets
We study the internal structure and the convective motions of giant extrasolar planets in order to calculate their dynamo-generated surface magnetic field and dipolar magnetic moment. Using
Variable winds on Venus mapped in three dimensions
We present zonal and meridional wind measurements at three altitude levels within the cloud layers of Venus from cloud tracking using images taken with the VIRTIS instrument on board Venus Express.
Clouds and aerosols in Saturn's atmosphere
In this chapter we review the photochemical and thermochemical equilibrium theories for the formation of condensate clouds and photochemical haze in Saturn's upper troposphere and stratosphere and
The size, shape, density and ring of the dwarf planet Haumea from a stellar occultation
Observations from multiple Earth-based observatories of Haumea passing in front of a distant star (a multi-chord stellar occultation) report the presence of a ring with an opacity of 0.5, which constrains the three-dimensional orientation of Haumesa and its triaxial shape, which is inconsistent with a homogeneous body in hydrostatic equilibrium.
The Atmospheric Dynamics of Venus
We review our current knowledge of the atmospheric dynamics of Venus prior to the Akatsuki mission, in the altitude range from the surface to approximately the cloud tops located at about 100 km