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Cross-metathesis of fatty acid derivatives with methyl acrylate: renewable raw materials for the chemical industry
The cross-metathesis of fatty acid esters derived from plant oils as renewable raw materials with methyl acrylate was studied, revealing high conversions for the synthesis of α,ω-dicarboxylic acidExpand
Metathesis as a versatile tool in oleochemistry
Olefin metathesis, awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005 for Chauvin, Grubbs and Schrock, has emerged as a powerful tool for organic as well as polymer chemistry. In oleochemistry, thisExpand
Cross-metathesis reactions of allyl chloride with fatty acid methyl esters : Efficient synthesis of α,ω-difunctional chemical intermediates from renewable raw materials
The synthesis of α,ω-difunctional chemical intermediates from renewable resources via the cross-metathesis reactions with allyl chloride is described. Different ruthenium metathesis catalysts wereExpand
Acyclic diene metathesis with a monomer from renewable resources: control of molecular weight and one-step preparation of block copolymers.
The preparation of a long-chain aliphatic alpha,omega-diene from plant oil derivatives and its subsequent polymerization through acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) is described. The ADMET bulkExpand
Cross-metathesis of oleyl alcohol with methyl acrylate: optimization of reaction conditions and comparison of their environmental impact
The synthesis of α,ω-difunctional monomers from the renewable resource oleyl alcohol via a cross-metathesis reaction with methyl acrylate is described. The reaction conditions were optimized for highExpand
Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels Based on Hydrolyzed Polyacrylonitrile Fiber
Cross-linking of hydrolyzed Nitron D polyacrylonitrile fiber on exposure to ionizing radiation was studied as influenced by its concentration in the solution, dose rate, and the presence of oxygen inExpand
13C NMR Study of the Structure of Products Formed in Base Hydrolysis of Nitron D Polyacrylonitrile Fiber
The composition and structure of the products formed in base hydrolysis of Nitron D polyacrylonitrile fiber were studied by 13C NMR.
Radiation Crosslinking of an Acrylamide–Sodium Acrylate Copolymer in Aqueous Solutions
The effect of concentration of an acrylamide–sodium acrylate copolymer in an aqueous solution on the crosslinking of macromolecules by the action of ionizing radiation was studied. It was shown thatExpand
New Monomers and Polymers from Plant Oils via Thiol-ene Additions
We recently reported on the synthesis of different chain length α,ω-diester monomers from plant oil derived fatty acid esters or fatty alcohols via olefin cross-metathesis with methyl acrylate takingExpand