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Facial Skin Surface Temperature Changes During a “Concealed Information” Test
When individuals who commit a crime are questioned, they often show involuntary physiological responses to remembered details of that crime. This phenomenon is the basis for the concealed informationExpand
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Vibrio Cholerae neuraminidase susceptible n-acetyl neuraminic acid (sialic acid) levels in human leukaemia
SummaryCell surface vibrio Cholerae neuraminidase (VCN) susceptible sialic acid has been studied in leucocytes of normal human subjects and patients with acute myeloid, acute lymphatic and chronicExpand
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Computational design of a self-assembling β-peptide oligomer.
The first computationally designed self-assembling oligomer consisting of exclusively β-amino acids (βAAs) is presented. The packing of a β-3(14) helix into coiled-coils of varying stoichiometries asExpand
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Comparison of polygraph data obtained from individuals involved in mock crimes and actual criminal investigations.
In a preliminary attempt to determine the generalizability of data from laboratory mock-crime studies, the authors examined the similarities and differences among the cardiovascular, electrodermal,Expand
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Serum sialic acid concentrations in malignant melanoma.
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Thirty-site P300 scalp distribution, amplitude variance across sites, and amplitude in detection of deceptive concealment of multiple guilty items
Abstract Previous tests of P300 in deception detection have focused mainly on amplitude analysis. Since countermeasures for such tests have been reported, we looked here at other possible variablesExpand
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Modified UCN2 Peptide Acts as an Insulin Sensitizer in Skeletal Muscle of Obese Mice
The neuropeptide urocortin 2 (UCN2) and its receptor corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 2 (CRHR2) are highly expressed in skeletal muscle and play a role in regulating energy balance andExpand
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Ability of the Vericator to Detect Smugglers at a Mock Security Checkpoint
Abstract : This study assessed the ability of Vericator(TM), a computer-based system that evaluates credibility through speech, to detect smugglers at a mock security checkpoint. A U.S. FederalExpand
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New methods of operational interviewing: utilizing non-contact sensors
There is a critical need to conduct operational interviews in a wide range of interview and assessment situations, including conventional structured interviews as well as cases in which subjects areExpand
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The Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Police Families
This study replicates and extends an earlier work conducted by the Southwestern Law Enforcement Institute. It addresses the serious problem of domestic violence by police officers in three areas:Expand
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