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Other Girl Powers: Final Girls, Super Girls and Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel
This chapter focuses on popular representations of the female action hero in the comic book genre, in general, and in the comic Ms. Marvel (Wilson 2014–present) specifically, to consider the ways inExpand
Subverting Transnormativity: Rage and Resilience in Kim Fu's For Today I Am a Boy
This research was carried out through funding from the research project “Bodies in Transit/ Cuerpos en Transito” FFI2010-17282 with the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitivity.
Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture in the 21st Century: Marlboro Men and California Gurls, Astrid M. Fellner, Marta Fernández-Morales, Martina Martausová (eds.)
Obra ressenyada: Astrid M. FELLNER, Marta FERNANDEZ-MORALES, Martina MARTAUSOVA (eds.), Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture in the 21st Century: Marlboro Men and California Gurls. Newcastle uponExpand
Innovating in University Teaching Through Classroom Interaction
The authors are grateful for the support of the University of Cantabria (Spain) and the funding received within its IV Call for Teaching Innovation Projects
The Zombi/e Diaspora: Urban Manifestations and Dany Laferrière’s Pays Sans Chapeau
Zombies are not new additions to our cultural horror imaginary, and yet it would seem that in recent years their presence has become even more pervasive. Where they might once have been confined toExpand
Representing Heroic Figures and/of Resistance: Reading Women’s Bodies of Violence in Contemporary Dystopic Literatures
The present thesis takes as its starting point the analysis of heroic women in contemporary popular culture, specifically within dystopic texts. Relying on the use of feminist theory to interrogateExpand
The Female Warrior: Rejecting Utopia