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Relationship of Sponge Macrofauna with the Morphology of their Hosts in the North Aegean Sea
The associated macrofauna of four Aegean Sea sponge species (Agelas oroides, Petrosia ficiformis, Ircinia variabilis and Aplysina aerophoba) was compared. The total number of individuals and speciesExpand
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Macrofauna Associated With Sponge Species of Different Morphology
The macrofaunas associated with the three morphologically different North Aegean Sea sponge species Ayelus oroiilrs, Aplvsinu aerophoba, and Axinellu cunnabinu were compared. The faunal abundance wasExpand
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Role of habitat complexity in mediating predation by the gray damselfish Abudefduf sordidus on epiphytal amphipods
In laboratory expenments w ~ t h artificial substrata Hawailan epiphytal amphlpods dld not select substrata for their complexlty Increased substrata complexlty did medlate predahon by the HawallanExpand
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Water flow and the distribution and abundance of echinoids (genus Echinometra) on an Hawaiian Reef
Echinometra oblonga and E. mathaei, two rock-burrowing sedentary echinoids, live in positive association on an Hawaiian algal reef. E. oblonga dominates in rough water, E. mathaei in calmer water.Expand
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Epifauna living on sublittoral seaweeds around Cyprus
Macroepifauna living on sublittoral seaweeds were counted,identified and compared among six locations in Cyprus. Mollusks,amphipods, and polychaetes were the major taxa represented. Thedominant algaExpand
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Fluctuations of epiphytal gammaridean amphipods and their seaweed hosts on an Hawaiian algal reef
[Au cours d'une etude du recif d'algues hawaiien, l'abondance des especes dominantes d'Amphipodes (Gammares) associees a leurs algues-hotes a change d'une maniere significative en meme temps que laExpand
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Fish Community Structure on a Deep Ocean Outfall, Barber's Point, Oahu, Hawaii
The Barber's Point, Oahu, Hawaii sewer outfall structure attracts large numbers of fish (500 — 1000 per 336 m2 bottom area) and fish species (23—29) not normally seen over flat, soft bottomsExpand
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Human Health Effects of Air Pollutants
Eight adult male volunteers were exposed to ozone (O3) alone and then in combination with nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide under conditions simulating ambient air pollution exposures. FourExpand
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Presumptive evidence for Blastocystis hominis as a cause of colitis.
A patient with persistent diarrhea was found to have biopsy-proved colitis with large numbers of the protozoan Blastocystis hominis present in stool. Extensive evaluation failed to reveal any otherExpand
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The role of seaweed complexity in structuring Hawaiian epiphytal amphipod communities
  • A. Russo
  • Biology
  • Hydrobiologia
  • 1 April 1990
Among Hawaiian marine algal species with different morphologies, seaweed complexity (surface area to biomass ratio) is not a consistent predictor of epiphytal amphipod abundance or number of species.Expand
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