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Bacopa monniera, a reputed nootropic plant: an overview.
Bacopa monniera (BM), a traditional Ayurvedic medicine, used for centuries as a memory enhancing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, sedative and antiepileptic agent. The plant, plant extractExpand
Bioflavonoids as antiradicals, antioxidants and DNA cleavage protectors
Flavonoids have recently aroused considerable interest because of their broad pharmacological activity. In fact, flavonoids have been reported to have antiviral, antiallergic, antiplatelet,Expand
Phytochemical compounds involved in the anti-inflammatory effect of propolis extract.
Two ethanolic propolis extracts (EPE) with and without the caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE), CAPE and galangin (major components of propolis) were investigated for anti-inflammatory activity inExpand
L-Propionyl-carnitine as superoxide scavenger, antioxidant, and DNA cleavage protector
L-Propionylcarnitine, a propionyl ester of L-carnitine, increases the intracellular pool of L-carnitine. It exhibits a high affinity for the enzyme carnitine acetyltransferase (CAT) and, thus, isExpand
Free radical scavenging capacity and protective effect of Bacopa monniera L. on DNA damage
Bacopa monniera L. (family Scrophulariaceae) (BM) is an Ayurvedic medicine, clinically used for memory enhancing, epilepsy, insomnia and as a mild sedative. In this work, the free radical scavengingExpand
Chilean propolis: antioxidant activity and antiproliferative action in human tumor cell lines.
Propolis, a natural product derived from plant resins collected by honeybees, has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine all over the world. The composition of the propolis dependsExpand
Propolis protects human spermatozoa from DNA damage caused by benzo[a]pyrene and exogenous reactive oxygen species.
Many environmental, physiological and genetic factors have been implicated in defective sperm function, the most common cause of infertility. In addition, sperm preparation techniques such asExpand
Indian medicinal plants as antiradicals and DNA cleavage protectors.
Celastrus paniculatus L. (Celastraceae) (CP), Picrorhiza kurroa L. (Scrophulariaceae) (PK) and Withania somnifera L. (Solanaceae) (WS) are Indian medicinal plants having a remarkable reputation, as aExpand
Essential oils of Salvia bracteata and Salvia rubifolia from Lebanon: Chemical composition, antimicrobial activity and inhibitory effect on human melanoma cells.
AIM OF THE STUDY Salvia bracteata Banks et Sol. and Salvia rubifolia Boiss. are known in folk medicine of Lebanon for the treatment of microbial infections, cancer, urinary and pulmonary problems. InExpand
Liposomes as In‐vivo Carriers for Citicoline: Effects on Rat Cerebral Post‐ischaemic Reperfusion #
Abstract— Citicoline is a therapeutic agent widely used in the treatment of brain injury, for example in cerebrovascular disease or traumatic accidents. Unfortunately, the strong polar nature of thisExpand