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Where are Europe's last primary forests?
Francesco Maria Sabatini1 | Sabina Burrascano2 | William S. Keeton3 | Christian Levers1 | Marcus Lindner4 | Florian Pötzschner1 | Pieter Johannes Verkerk5 | Jürgen Bauhus6 | Erik Buchwald7 | OlehExpand
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Breed influences on in vitro development of abattoir-derived bovine oocytes
BackgroundThere is a discrepancy in the reproductive performance between different cattle breeds. Using abattoir-derived ovaries and data base information we studied the effects of breed on in vitroExpand
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Explaining Spatial Variation in the Recording Effort of Citizen Science Data across Multiple Taxa
The collation of citizen science data in open-access biodiversity databases makes temporally and spatially extensive species’ observation data available to a wide range of users. Such data are anExpand
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Displaying bias in sampling effort of data accessed from biodiversity databases using ignorance maps
  • A. Ruete
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Biodiversity data journal
  • 28 July 2015
Abstract Background Open-access biodiversity databases including mainly citizen science data make temporally and spatially extensive species’ observation data available to a wide range of users. SuchExpand
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A model for non‐equilibrium metapopulation dynamics utilizing data on species occupancy, patch ages and landscape history
Summary The distribution pattern of many species reflects the past rather than the current structure of landscapes. Consequently, species are most often not in equilibrium with the current landscapeExpand
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Disentangling effects of uncertainties on population projections: climate change impact on an epixylic bryophyte
Assessment of future ecosystem risks should account for the relevant uncertainty sources. This means accounting for the joint effects of climate variables and using modelling techniques that allowExpand
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Goal-oriented evaluation of species distribution models’ accuracy and precision: True Skill Statistic profile and uncertainty maps
Goal-oriented evaluation of species distribution mo dels’ 1 accuracy and precision: True Skill Statistic profil e and 2 uncertainty maps 3 4 5 Authors: Alejandro Ruete , Gerardo C. Leynaud 2 6 7Expand
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Dynamic anthropogenic edge effects on the distribution and diversity of fungi in fragmented old-growth forests.
Diversity patterns and dynamics at forest edges are not well understood. We disentangle the relative importance of edge-effect variables on spatio-temporal patterns in species richness and occupancyExpand
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Identification of limiting climatic and geographical variables for the distribution of the tortoise Chelonoidis chilensis (Testudinidae): a baseline for conservation actions
Background. Just as for most other tortoise species, the once common Chaco tortoise, Chelonoidis chilensis (Testudinidae), is under constant threat across it distribution in Argentina, Bolivia andExpand
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