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The modified nodal approach to network analysis
A modified nodalAnalysis (MNA) method is proposed here which retains the simplicity and other advantages of nodal analysis while removing its limitations. Expand
Equivalent Circuit Models for Three-Dimensional Multiconductor Systems
  • A. Ruehli
  • Mathematics, Materials Science
  • 1 March 1974
Multiconductor or multiwire arrangements find many applications in electronic systems. Examples are interconnections between digital circuits or integrated microwave circuits. Equivalent circuitExpand
The Waveform Relaxation Method for Time-Domain Analysis of Large Scale Integrated Circuits
Sufficient conditions for convergence of the WR method are proposed and examples in MOS digital integrated circuits are given to show that these conditions are very mild in practice. Expand
An Overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer
An overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer, a massively parallel system of 65,536 nodes based on a new architecture that exploits system-on-a-chip technology to deliver target peak processing power of 360 teraFLOPS (trillion floating-point operations per second). Expand
Inductance calculations in a complex integrated circuit environment
This paper describes a method for calculating multiloop inductances formed by complicated interconnection conductors. Knowledge of these inductances leads to useful information concerning the designExpand
Efficient Capacitance Calculations for Three-Dimensional Multiconductor Systems
The design and packaging of integrated circuits requires the calculation of capacitances for three-dimensional conductors located on parallel planes. An integral-equation (IE) computer-solutionExpand
Three-dimensional interconnect analysis using partial element equivalent circuits
Two extensions to the partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) approach for interconnect modeling are presented. First, retardation, the effect of the finite speed of electromagnetic interactions,Expand
Transient analysis of lossy transmission lines: an efficient approach based on the method of Characteristics
This paper is devoted to transient analysis of lossy transmission lines characterized by frequency-dependent parameters. A public dataset of parameters for three line examples (a module, a board, andExpand
Circuit models for three-dimensional geometries including dielectrics
The partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) approach has proved useful for modeling many different electromagnetic problems. The technique can be viewed as an approach for the electrical circuitExpand
Methods for linear systems of circuit delay differential equations of neutral type
Delay differential equations (DDEs) occur in many different fields including circuit theory. Circuits which include delayed elements have become more important due to the increase in performance ofExpand