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The Mehri Language of Oman
This volume contains a detailed grammatical description of the Omani dialect of Mehri, an unwritten Semitic language of the Modern South Arabian group. It is the first complete grammar of any Modern
The Subgrouping of the Semitic Languages
  • A. Rubin
  • Linguistics
    Lang. Linguistics Compass
  • 2008
This article will survey the current views on Semitic subgrouping and highlight recent scholarship on the issue.
The Jibbali (Shaḥri) Language of Oman: Grammar and Texts
This volume contains a detailed grammatical description of Jibbali (or Shahri), an unwritten Semitic language spoken in Oman. This is first grammar of its kind. The large corpus of texts from various
The Development of the Amharic Definite Article and an Indonesian Parallel
The definite articles of Amharic and some other Ethiopian languages derive from possessives rather than demonstratives, and the origin of these articles has never been convincingly explained. The
Handbook of Jewish languages
Introduction Aaron D. Rubin and Lily Kahn 1 Jewish Amharic Anbessa Teferra 2 Judeo-Arabic Geoffrey Khan 3 Judeo-Aramaic Steven E. Fassberg 4 Jewish Berber Joseph Chetrit 5 Jewish English Sarah Bunin
Genesis 49:4 in Light of Arabic and Modern South Arabian
The rare word pahaz 'wily, devious' in Genesis 49:4 may have been chosen to describe Reuben in order to allow a play on words. Modern South Arabian and Arabic cognates to this root carry a sexual