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Description of the health status of indigenous Huitoto and Embera of Florencia Caquetá trough laboratory tests in the first period of 2012
It was found that the two communities had deficiencies in health status represented by high level of intestinal parasitism, anemia in some individuals, as well as a low prevalence of urinary tract infection.
Ferropenic anemia associated with hemoglobinopathies in Afro-descendant communities in Colombia
La población en estudio perteneciente a la comunidad afrodescendiente ubicadas en las localidades of Tumaco, Nariño y Engativá of the ciudad of Bogotá, presentó anemia en la poblacion femenina 28.6 % y the masculina 16.0 %.
Iron deficiency anaemias and subclinical anaemias among the muiscas indigenious of Bosa and Suba in Bogota
To investigate the presence of anemic syndrome in Muisca indigenous communities, men and women between 18 and 50 years, located in indigenous territories of Bosa and Suba in Bogotá, a non-random, descriptive and cross-sectional study.
Inmunodeficiencias primarias: inmunopatogenia, infecciones asociadas y estrategias terapéuticas (Primary immunodeficiencies: immunopathogenesis, associated infections and therapeutic strategies)
Primary immunodeficiencies disorders are a group of genetic defects that affect both innate and adaptive immune response that increases the susceptibility to infections by different microorganisms, but also alters the homeostatic mechanisms and immune surveillance, that prevent autoinflammatory and neoplastic diseases.