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Sampling variances of heterozygosity and genetic distance.
Mathematical formulae for the sampling variances of average heterozygosity and Nei's genetic distance are developed. These sampling variances are decomposed into their two components, i.e. theExpand
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Evolutionary relationships of human populations on a global scale.
Using gene frequency data for 29 polymorphic loci (121 alleles), we conducted a phylogenetic analysis of 26 representative populations from around the world by using the neighbor-joining (NJ) method.Expand
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Human Polymorphic Genes: World Distribution
This extensive compilation of statistical data on human gene frequencies includes entries for blood groups, proteins, enzymes, HLA systems, immunoglobins, and restriction-site polymorphisms, as wellExpand
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Genic variation within and between the three major races of man, Caucasoids, Negroids, and Mongoloids.
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Gene Differences between Caucasian, Negro, and Japanese Populations
The numbers of gene (codon) differences per locus between two randomly chosen genomes within and between Caucasian, Negro, and Japanese populations have been estimated from gene frequency data forExpand
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Probability of Fixation of Nonfunctional Genes at Duplicate Loci
The probability that a lethal or nonfunctional gene is fixed at autosomal duplicate gene loci is studied. It is shown that this probability is highly dependent on population size, heterozygous effectExpand
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Gene diversity in Indian populations
SummaryGene frequency data of ten protein and enzyme loci in seven populations of India were collected from the literature. The gene differentiation among seven populations relative to totalExpand
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Probability of fixation and mean fixation time of an overdominant mutation.
The probability of fixation of an overdominant mutation in a finite population depends on the equilibrium gene frequency in an infinite population (m) and the product (A) of population size andExpand
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Genetic relationships of the populations in eastern India.
The genetic relationships for four sets of populations in eastern India have been studied by using gene frequency data available in the literature. The Caucasoid populations in Assam and West BengalExpand
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Study of blood groups, ABH secretors and hemoglobin variants in three upper castes of West Bengal, India.
In a serological survey it is found that the Brahmins, Kayasthas and Vaidyas, the three upper castes of Bengalis in West Bengal, cannot be differentiated satisfactorily with respect to ABO bloodExpand
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