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Pastry: Scalable, Decentralized Object Location, and Routing for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems
This paper presents the design and evaluation of Pastry, a scalable, distributed object location and routing substrate for wide-area peer-to-peer ap- plications. Pastry performs application-levelExpand
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Scribe: a large-scale and decentralized application-level multicast infrastructure
This paper presents Scribe, a scalable application-level multicast infrastructure. Scribe supports large numbers of groups, with a potentially large number of members per group. Scribe is built onExpand
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Storage management and caching in PAST, a large-scale, persistent peer-to-peer storage utility
This paper presents and evaluates the storage management and caching in PAST, a large-scale peer-to-peer persistent storage utility. PAST is based on a self-organizing, Internet-based overlay networkExpand
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SplitStream: high-bandwidth multicast in cooperative environments
In tree-based multicast systems, a relatively small number of interior nodes carry the load of forwarding multicast messages. This works well when the interior nodes are highly-available, dedicatedExpand
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Secure routing for structured peer-to-peer overlay networks
Structured peer-to-peer overlay networks provide a substrate for the construction of large-scale, decentralized applications, including distributed storage, group communication, and contentExpand
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Write off-loading: Practical power management for enterprise storage
In enterprise data centers power usage is a problem impacting server density and the total cost of ownership. Storage uses a significant fraction of the power budget and there are no widely deployedExpand
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PAST: a large-scale, persistent peer-to-peer storage utility
This paper sketches the design of PAST, a large-scale, Internet-based, global storage utility that provides scalability, high availability, persistence and security. PAST is a peer-to-peer InternetExpand
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Virtual ring routing: network routing inspired by DHTs
This paper presents Virtual Ring Routing (VRR), a new network routing protocol that occupies a unique point in the design space. VRR is inspired by overlay routing algorithms in Distributed HashExpand
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Vigilante: end-to-end containment of internet worms
Worm containment must be automatic because worms can spread too fast for humans to respond. Recent work has proposed network-level techniques to automate worm containment; these techniques haveExpand
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SCRIBE: The Design of a Large-Scale Event Notification Infrastructure
This paper presents Scribe, a large-scale event notification infrastructure for topic-based publish-subscribe applications. Scribe supports large numbers of topics, with a potentially large number ofExpand
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