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Nonthermal fixed points: effective weak coupling for strongly correlated systems far from equilibrium.
Strongly correlated systems far from equilibrium can exhibit scaling solutions with a dynamically generated weak coupling. We show this by investigating isolated systems described by relativisticExpand
A close look into the carbon disk at the core of the planetary nebula CPD-56°8032
Aims.We present high spatial resolution observations of the dusty core of the Planetary Nebula with Wolf-Rayet central star CPD-56°8032, for which indications of a compact disk have been found byExpand
Bayesian approach to spectral function reconstruction for Euclidean quantum field theories.
We present a novel approach to the inference of spectral functions from Euclidean time correlator data that makes close contact with modern Bayesian concepts. Our method differs significantly fromExpand
Bottomonium suppression using a lattice QCD vetted potential
We estimate bottomonium yields in relativistic heavy-ion collisions using a lattice QCD vetted, complex-valued, heavy-quark potential embedded in a realistic, hydrodynamically evolving mediumExpand
Complex heavy-quark potential at finite temperature from lattice QCD.
We calculate for the first time the complex potential between a heavy quark and antiquark at finite temperature across the deconfinement transition in lattice QCD. The real and imaginary part of theExpand
Static quark-antiquark potential in the quark-gluon plasma from lattice QCD.
We present a state-of-the-art determination of the complex valued static quark-antiquark potential at phenomenologically relevant temperatures around the deconfinement phase transition. Its valuesExpand
Lattice NRQCD study of S- and P-wave bottomonium states in a thermal medium with N f = 2 + 1 light flavors
We investigate the properties of S-and P-wave bottomonium states in the vicinity of the deconfinement transition temperature. The light degrees of freedom are represented by dynamical lattice QCDExpand
Reconstructing the gluon
We reconstruct the gluon spectral function in Landau gauge QCD from numerical data for the gluon propagator. The reconstruction relies on two novel ingredients: Firstly we derive analytically the lowExpand
Heavy Quarkonium in Extreme Conditions
In this report we review recent progress achieved in the understanding of heavy quarkonium under extreme conditions from a theory perspective. Its focus lies both on quarkonium properties in thermalExpand
Stochastic potential and quantum decoherence of heavy quarkonium in the quark-gluon plasma
We propose an open quantum systems approach to the physics of heavy quarkonia in a thermal medium, based on stochastic quantum evolution. This description emphasizes the importance of collisions withExpand