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Sequence of infilling events in Gale Crater, Mars: Results from morphology, stratigraphy, and mineralogy
Gale Crater is filled by sedimentary deposits including a mound of layered deposits, Aeolis Mons. Using orbital data, we mapped the crater infillings and measured their geometry to determine theirExpand
Evolution and depositional environments of the Eberswalde fan delta, Mars
The Eberswalde crater and its contributing basins have been analyzed in detail in order to reconstruct the geological evolution of the water-related landforms with particular focus on the EberswaldeExpand
Large-scale spring deposits on Mars?
We present a large-scale spring hypothesis for the formation of various enigmatic light-toned deposits (LTDs) on Mars. Layered to massive LTDs occur extensively in Valles Marineris, chaotic terrains,Expand
Complex evolution of paleolacustrine systems on Mars: An example from the Holden crater
[1] The ∼150 km wide Holden crater lies in an area characterized by high density of valley networks implying conditions conducive to forming of water-related environments. We undertook geologicalExpand
Big Data Analytics for Earth Sciences: the EarthServer approach
The EarthServer Big Earth Data Analytics engine offers a solution for coverage-type datasets, built around a high performance array database technology, and the adoption and enhancement of standards for service interaction (OGC WCS and WCPS). Expand
Pervasive Aeolian Activity Along Rover Curiosity's Traverse in Gale Crater, Mars
The NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover, Curiosity, has safely landed near a 35-km-long dark dune field in Gale Crater on Mars. This dune field crosses the landing site from the northeast to theExpand
Combinations of processes responsible for Martian impact crater “layered ejecta structures” emplacement
[1] We utilized images and stereo-derived topographic data acquired by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) and Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) images together with other data in orderExpand
The Sirente crater field, Italy
We propose the Sirente crater field to be the first discovered impact craters in Italy. They are located in the Sirente plain within the mountains of the Abruzzo region, central Italy. The cratersExpand
PlanetServer: Innovative approaches for the online analysis of hyperspectral satellite data from Mars
The current PlanetServer functionality is described step by step, and is tested by focusing on detecting mineralogical evidence described in earlier Gale crater studies, and its possible use for mineralogical studies will be further discussed. Expand
Scoria cones on Mars: Detailed investigation of morphometry based on high-resolution digital elevation models
We analyze the shapes of 28 hypothesized scoria cones in three regions on Mars, i.e., Ulysses and Hydraotes Colles and Coprates Chasma. Using available High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment andExpand