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Face recognition: A literature survey
This paper provides an up-to-date critical survey of still- and video-based face recognition research, and categorizes existing recognition techniques but also presents detailed descriptions of representative methods within each category. Expand
Computer Vision
  • A. Rosenfeld
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Adv. Comput.
  • 1 August 1988
How the field of computer (and robot) vision has evolved, particularly over the past 20 years, is described, and its central methodological paradigms are introduced. Expand
Digital topology: Introduction and survey
The fundamental concepts of digital topology are reviewed and the major theoretical results in the field are surveyed, with a bibliography of almost 140 references. Expand
Sequential Operations in Digital Picture Processing
The relative merits of performing local operations on ~ digitized picture in parallel or sequentially are discussed and some applications of the connected component and distance functions are presented. Expand
Scene Labeling by Relaxation Operations
This paper formulates the ambiguity-reduction process in terms of iterated parallel operations (i.e., relaxation operations) performed on an array of object, identification data. Expand
Digital Picture Processing
The rapid rate at which the field of digital picture processing has grown in the past five years had necessitated extensive revisions and the introduction of topics not found in the original edition.
A Comparative Study of Texture Measures for Terrain Classification
Three standard approaches to automatic texture classification make use of features based on the Fourier power spectrum, on second-order gray level statistics, and on first-order statistics of gray level differences, respectively; it was found that the Fouriers generally performed more poorly, while the other feature sets all performned comparably. Expand
Digital geometry - geometric methods for digital picture analysis
Curves and Surfaces: Topology, 3D Straightness and Planarity, and Surface and Area Curvature. Expand
Landmarks in Graphs
The main new results are that the metric dimension of a graph with n nodes can be approximated in polynomial time within a factor of O(log n), and some properties of graphs with metric dimension two are presented. Expand
Distance functions on digital pictures
Algorithms for computing various functions on a digital picture which depend on the distance to a given subset of the picture, which involve local operations which are performed repeatedly, "in parallel”, on every picture element and its immediate neighbors are described. Expand