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Acid rain in Europe and North America.
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Siberia's threatened forests
Will Siberian forests be spared the wholesale destruction suffered by the world's tropical rainforests? The enormous changes now occurring in the former Soviet Union offer opportunities as well asExpand
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Environmental Law and Policy in India: Cases, Materials and Statutes
Environmental law and policy in India affects most sections of society. This edition scrutinizes almost every aspect of environmental law concerned with constitutional and legislative provisions,Expand
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Bhopal, Transnational Corporations, and Hazardous Technologies
Just after midnight on December 3, 1984, forty tons of highly toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC), which had been manufactured and stored in Union Carbide's chemical plant in Bhopal, escaped into theExpand
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Some international law aspects of the Bhopal disaster.
This article explores certain international law aspects of the Bhopal disaster, namely the principles and rules of international law establishing international accountability for environmentalExpand
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Acid rain in Europe and North America: National responses to an international problem : final report
This study examines in detail the nature and severity of the acid rain problem, what nations are doing about it, and how national and international laws ad policies might ultimately respond. ItExpand
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Acid precipitation: the problem of transboundary pollution
Sulfur emissions are found to have transnational significance in calculations made by the Air Management Group of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which now estimatesExpand