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Moral Prejudices: Essays on Ethics
David Hume's essay "Of Moral Prejudices" offers a spirited defence of "all the most endearing sentiments of the hearts, all the most useful biases and instincts, which can govern a human creature",Expand
Where does the akratic break take place
Plusieurs circonstances enveloppant un conflit moral peuvent etre appelees des cas d'akrasie: generalement celle-ci survient au moment d'une rupture entre les fins, intentions, decisions, principesExpand
Essays on Aristotle's Rhetoric
CONTRIBUTORS: Jacques Brunschwig, M. F. Burnyeat, Christopher Carey, John M. Cooper, Troels Engberg-Pedersen, Dorothea Frede, Stephen Halliwell, T. H. Irwin, George A. Kennedy, Stephen R. Leighton,Expand
Essays on Descartes' Meditations
The essays in this volume form a commentary on "Descartes' Meditations". Following the sequence of the meditational stages, the authors analyze the function of each stage in transforming the reader,Expand
The Place of Contemplation in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Aristotle has often been charged with indecision, and sometimes with holding contradictory views about the relative merits of a comprehensive practical life and one devoted primarily toExpand
The Burdens of Love
While we primarily love individual persons, we also love our work, our homes, our activities and causes. To love is to be engaged in an active concern for the objective well-being—the thriving—ofExpand
Self-deception. akrasia and irrationality
Self-deception and akrasia present severe problems for certain theories of rational agency, problems that have provoked an astonishing exercise of philosophic self-deception in denying the phenomena,Expand
Mind in Action.