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The Permian–Triassic transition and the onset of Mesozoic sedimentation at the northwestern peri-Tethyan domain scale: Palaeogeographic maps and geodynamic implications
The main aim of this paper is to review Middle Permian through Middle Triassic continental successions in European. Secondly, areas of Middle–Late Permian sedimentation, the Permian–TriassicExpand
Permian continental basins in the Southern Alps (Italy) and peri-mediterranean correlations
The Late Carboniferous to Permian continental successions of the Southern Alps can be subdivided into two main tectono-sedimentary Cycles, separated by a marked unconformity sealing a Middle PermianExpand
Liquefaction features interpreted as seismites in the Pleistocene fluvio-lacustrine deposits of the Neuquén Basin (Northern Patagonia)
Abstract Superbly exposed soft-sediment deformation structures in Pleistocene fluvio-lacustrine deposits along the southern border of the depression area called Bajo de Anelo (Departamento de Anelo,Expand
Detrital zircon provenance from the Neuquén Basin (south-central Andes): Cretaceous geodynamic evolution and sedimentary response in a retroarc-foreland basin
The surface response, in terms of drainage pattern changes, to the Cretaceous geodynamic reorganization of the Andean subduction zone between 36°S and 41°S is reconstructed through theExpand
A paleomagnetic study of Permian and Triassic rocks from the Toulon‐Cuers Basin, SE France: Evidence for intra‐Pangea block rotations in the Permian
[1] The identification of a massive shear zone separating Gondwana from Laurasia during late Palaeozoic times is one of the prerequisites for the controversial Pangea B to A transition. Here weExpand
The Late Palaeozoic-Early Mesozoic from the Catalan Pyrenees (Spain): 60 Myr of environmental evolution in the frame of the western peri-Tethyan palaeogeography
The Eastern Catalan Pyrenees form the southernmost segment of the Pyrenean Axial Zone. They experienced complex multistage process as the result of both the Variscan and the Pyrenean orogenic cycles.Expand
Permian-triassic continental sequences of Northwest Sardinia and South Provence : stratigraphic correlations and palaeogeographical implications
Detailed stratigraphical-sedimentological investigations have recently focused on the Permian to Triassic continental sequences of Nurra (NW Sardinia) and Provence (SE France) with the shedding ofExpand
The Variscan post-collisional volcanism in Late Carboniferous Permian sequences of Ligurian Alps, Southern Alps and Sardinia (Italy): a synthesis
Abstract In the considered wide sector of the West-Mediterranean southern Europe, the collisional phase of the Variscan orogeny during Late Carboniferous and Permian times was followed by magmaticExpand
Revision of a classic site for Permian tetrapod ichnology (Collio Formation, Trompia and Caffaro valleys, N. Italy), new evidences for the radiation of captorhinomorph footprints
Abstract The recent studies on Permian captorhinomorph (non-diapsid eureptile) footprints from North America, North Africa, and Europe raised the interest on their taxonomic and biostratigraphicExpand
Evolution of Crustaceans at the edge of the end-Permian crisis: Ichnonetwork analysis of the fluvial succession of Nurra (Permian–Triassic, Sardinia, Italy)
Abstract Decapod crustaceans are among the most efficient ecosystem engineers of the Phanerozoic, but the path that led to their engineering success is poorly known. The Permian–Triassic continentalExpand