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Urea as a hydrogen carrier: a perspective on its potential for safe, sustainable and long-term energy supply
Recently, there have been publications reporting the use of urea, as a source of hydrogen/fuel cell power. There have however been no reports that singularly assess the suitability of urea for thisExpand
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Gasification reactor engineering approach to understanding the formation of biochar properties
  • A. Rollinson
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical…
  • 1 August 2016
The correlation between thermochemical provenance and biochar functionality is poorly understood. To this end, operational reactor temperatures (spanning the reduction zone), pressure and product gasExpand
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Experiments on torrefied wood pellet: study by gasification and characterization for waste biomass to energy applications
Samples of torrefied wood pellet produced by low-temperature microwave pyrolysis were tested through a series of experiments relevant to present and near future waste to energy conversionExpand
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On the reactivity of various biomass species with CO2 using a standardised methodology for fixed-bed gasification
Abstract A standardised method for studying the kinetics of CO 2 gasification was applied to seven different biomass species from Europe and Asia. The aim was to gain a truer understanding ofExpand
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Thermodynamics of hydrogen production from urea by steam reforming with and without in-situ carbon-dioxide sorption.
Abstract The thermodynamic effects of molar steam to carbon ratio (S:C), of pressure, and of having CaO present on the H 2 yield and enthalpy balance of urea steam reforming were investigated. At aExpand
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Lack of evidence for interventions offered in UK fertility centres
Carl Heneghan and colleagues call for better quality evidence to help people seeking assisted reproduction make informed choices
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Hydrogen from urea–water and ammonia–water solutions
Abstract The conversion of urea–water into hydrogen was investigated in a downward flow packed-bed reactor using a Ni–Al2O3 catalyst. This was conducted at atmospheric pressure under molar steam toExpand
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Thermogravimetric evolved gas analysis of urea and urea solutions with nickel alumina catalyst
Abstract Thermal decomposition of urea, and aqueous urea solutions, in the presence of 18 wt % nickel on alumina was studied by thermogravimetric analysis. A range of evolved gas species (a widerExpand
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‘Patented blunderings’, efficiency awareness, and self-sustainability claims in the pyrolysis energy from waste sector
Abstract Historically, pyrolysis technologies occupied a niche, producing materials with useful chemical functionality from wood, by the continuous application of heat. In the 21st century pyrolysisExpand
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