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Examining Anxiety, Life Satisfaction, General Health, Stress and Coping Styles During COVID-19 Pandemic in Polish Sample of University Students
The study indicates that the variance of anxiety during the COVID-19 outbreak may be explained for about 60% by such variables, like high stress, low general self-rated health, female gender, and frequent use of both emotion-oriented and task-oriented coping styles.
Categorization of Synaesthesia
This article is an attempt to synthesize the current knowledge about synaesthesia from many fields such as literature, arts, multimedia, medicine, or psychology. The main goal of this paper is to
Synaesthesia and Individual Differences
Synaesthesia is a fascinating cognitive phenomenon where one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. For example, synaesthetes might perceive colours when listening to music, or tastes
Does Physical Activity Matter for the Mental Health of University Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Students with anxiety and depression were almost two times less likely to engage in PA than their counterparts without mental health disorders and the inactive group had higher scores of anxiety and Depression than the physically active group.
Exposure to COVID-19 during the First and the Second Wave of the Pandemic and Coronavirus-Related PTSD Risk among University Students from Six Countries—A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study
Female gender, a prior diagnosis of depression, a loss of friends/relatives, job loss, and worsening economic status due to the COVID-19 were positively associated with high and very high coronavirus-related PTSD risk, while male gender and a prior PTSD diagnosis were associated with moderate risk.
Determinants of the attitude towards combat sports and martial arts
The development of combat sports and martial arts oc curred in Poland at the beginning of the 1980s, mainly thanks to the mass media, which stimulated social interest in Eastern martial arts by
Satisfaction with life among university students from nine countries: Cross-national study during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic
The association between life satisfaction and subjective assessment of physical health seems to be universal, while the other variables are related to cross-cultural differences.
The Relationship Between Postural Control and Self-Reported Engagement in Physical Activity in Young and Older Age.
Compared the postural performance in a 20-s quiet stance with eyes open on a Kistler force plate in 38 subjects, aged 60-92, with those who were formerly and are currently physically active, results indicated that only current activity promoted better postural control while former activity was ineffective.
Mental health prevalence and predictors among university students in nine countries during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-national study
This study showed that mental health issues are alarming in the student population and regular psychological support should be provided to students by universities.
A Comparison of Depression and Anxiety among University Students in Nine Countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Gender and EC-19 were the most frequent predictors of depression and anxiety across the countries, and the role of gender and PA for depression and Anxiety is not universal and depends on cross-cultural differences.