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Adsorption Equilibrium of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrogen on Zeolite 13X at High Pressures
High-pressure adsorption of methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen on zeolite 13X was measured in the pressure range (0 to 5) MPa at (298, 308, and 323) K and fitted with the Toth and multisiteExpand
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Adsorption of basic dyes on granular activated carbon and natural zeolite.
The adsorption of basic dyes from aqueous solution onto granular activated carbon and natural zeolite has been studied using an agitated batch adsorber. The influence of agitation, initial dyeExpand
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Adsorption of H2, CO2, CH4, CO, N2 and H2O in Activated Carbon and Zeolite for Hydrogen Production
Abstract The design of a layered pressure swing adsorption unit to treat a specified off-gas stream is based on the properties of the adsorbent materials. In this work we provide adsorptionExpand
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An integrated process to produce vanillin and lignin-based polyurethanes from Kraft lignin
The aim of this manuscript is to present an integrated process that includes reaction and separation steps for producing vanillin and lignin-based polyurethanes from Kraft lignin. It provides detailsExpand
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Hydrotalcite-like compounds as adsorbents for carbon dioxide
This paper summarizes recent progress in study of the adsorption of carbon dioxide on hydrotalcite-like compounds (HTlcs). Details of their effect factors on the adsorption capacity of carbon dioxideExpand
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Microencapsulation of essential oils with biodegradable polymeric carriers for cosmetic applications
Abstract Microencapsulation provides an important tool for cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical industry, enabling protection and controlled release of several active agents. The encapsulation of essentialExpand
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Insight into steam reforming of ethanol to produce hydrogen for fuel cells
Abstract Ethanol can be prepared from agricultural residues and hence is a renewable resource. Its production is simple and cheap and hence steam reforming of ethanol to produce hydrogen for fuelExpand
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Scentfashion®: Microencapsulated perfumes for textile application
Abstract This work is a contribution to the introduction of emergent technologies in the textile sector, namely the microencapsulation of fragrances and its application to obtain added-valueExpand
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Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide onto Hydrotalcite-like Compounds (HTlcs) at High Temperatures
The adsorption capacities of carbon dioxide on six commercial hydrotalcite-like compounds and the main factors (aluminum content, anion type, water content, and heat treatment temperature)Expand
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Adsorption equilibria and kinetics for propylene and propane over 13X and 4A zeolite pellets
Propylene and propane single-adsorption equilibrium isotherms and mass-transfer kinetics over 13X and 4A zeolite pellets have been investigated using gravimetry and zero length column techniques,Expand
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