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Griffithsin and Carrageenan Combination To Target Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and Human Papillomavirus
ABSTRACT Extensive preclinical evaluation of griffithsin (GRFT) has identified this lectin to be a promising broad-spectrum microbicide. We set out to explore the antiviral properties of a GRFT andExpand
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An Antiretroviral/Zinc Combination Gel Provides 24 Hours of Complete Protection against Vaginal SHIV Infection in Macaques
Background Repeated use, coitus-independent microbicide gels that do not contain antiretroviral agents also used as first line HIV therapy are urgently needed to curb HIV spread. Current formulationsExpand
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Griffithsin carrageenan fast dissolving inserts prevent SHIV HSV-2 and HPV infections in vivo
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) strategies with proven in vivo efficacy rely on antiretroviral drugs, creating the potential for drug resistance and complicatedExpand
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A novel intravaginal ring to prevent HIV-1, HSV-2, HPV, and unintended pregnancy.
Women urgently need a self-initiated, multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) that simultaneously reduces their risk of acquiring HIV-1, HSV-2, and HPV (latter two associated with increased risk ofExpand
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Development of a Vaginal Fast-Dissolving Insert Combining Griffithsin and Carrageenan for Potential Use Against Sexually Transmitted Infections.
Precoital, on-demand topical microbicides to reduce a woman's risk of sexually transmitted infections have been in development for nearly 3 decades, but no product has been approved due toExpand
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Safety and Efficacy of Antimicrobial Peptides against Naturally Acquired Leishmaniasis
ABSTRACT Leishmaniases, which are important causes of morbidity and mortality in humans and dogs, are extremely difficult to treat. Antimicrobial peptides are rarely used as alternative treatmentsExpand
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Novel S-Adenosylmethionine Decarboxylase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Human African Trypanosomiasis
ABSTRACT Trypanosomiasis remains a significant disease across the sub-Saharan African continent, with 50,000 to 70,000 individuals infected. The utility of current therapies is limited by issues ofExpand
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In vitro and in vivo evaluation of two carrageenan-based formulations to prevent HPV acquisition.
Commercial vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV) have low uptake due to parental autonomy, dosing regimen, cost, and cold chain storage requirements. Carrageenan (CG)-based formulations preventExpand
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A MIV-150/Zinc Acetate Gel Inhibits SHIV-RT Infection in Macaque Vaginal Explants
To extend our observations that single or repeated application of a gel containing the NNRTI MIV-150 (M) and zinc acetate dihydrate (ZA) in carrageenan (CG) (MZC) inhibits vaginal transmission ofExpand
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Multipurpose Prevention Approaches with Antiretroviral-Based Formulations
ABSTRACT We compared the preclinical safety and efficacy of tenofovir (TFV) 1% gel with that of MZC gel [containing 50 μM MIV-150, 14 mM Zn(O2CCH3)2(H2O)2, and 3% carrageenan] through a series of inExpand
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