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The flow around a surface-mounted cube in uniform and turbulent streams
An experimental investigation of the flow around surface-mounted cubes in both uniform, irrotational and sheared, turbulent flows is described. The shear flow was a simulated atmospheric boundaryExpand
Concentration fluctuations and fluxes in plumes from point sources in a turbulent boundary layer
Measurements have been made of concentration fluctuations and turbulent fluxes for two passive plumes from an elevated and a ground-level source in a turbulent boundary layer. For the concentrationExpand
Flow over cube arrays of different packing densities
Measurements by 120° x-wire anemometry over uniform urban-type surfaces of two different area densities were performed in a wind tunnel, together with direct measurements of the surface drag. TheExpand
A review of the characteristics of nanoparticles in the urban atmosphere and the prospects for developing regulatory controls
The likely health and environmental implications associated with atmospheric nanoparticles have prompted considerable recent research activity. Knowledge of the characteristics of these particles hasExpand
UK-ADMS: A new approach to modelling dispersion in the earth's atmospheric boundary layer
The UK atmospheric dispersion modelling system is a computer code for modelling the dispersion of buoyant or neutrally buoyant gaseous and particulate emissions to the atmosphere. It comprises aExpand
A Wind Tunnel Investigation of the Influence of Solar-Induced Wall-Heating on the Flow Regime within a Simulated Urban Street Canyon
A wind tunnel study has been undertaken to assess theinfluence of solar-induced wall heating on the airflowpattern within a street canyon under low-speed windconditions. This flow is normallyExpand
Technical challenges in tackling regulatory concerns for urban atmospheric nanoparticles
Abstract Recent Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicle emission standards are the first ever initiative to control particles on a number basis at the source. Related standards are also desirable for ambientExpand
Fast response sequential measurements and modelling of nanoparticles inside and outside a car cabin
Commuters are regularly exposed to short-term peak concentration of traffic produced nanoparticles (i.e. particles <300 nm in size). Studies indicate that these exposures pose adverse health effectsExpand
In-Street Wind Direction Variability in the Vicinity of a Busy Intersection in Central London
We present results from fast-response wind measurements within and above a busy intersection between two street canyons (Marylebone Road and Gloucester Place) in Westminster, London taken as part ofExpand
The development and structure of turbulent plane jets
The structure and development of turbulent plane jets in still air and moving streams are described. The nature of the small-scale turbulence cannot be accurately ascertained because of theExpand