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Industrial preparation of phosphonium ionic liquids
While a great deal of attention has been given to imidazolium ionic liquids in recent years, very few investigations involving phosphonium ionic liquids have been reported in the journal literature.Expand
Synthesis, anti-microbial activities and anti-electrostatic properties of phosphonium-based ionic liquids
A range of phosphonium ionic liquids having the generic formula [PR3R′]X (R and R′ are alkyl groups; X is halide, trifluoromethanesulfonate, bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide, nitrate,Expand
Separation of ethanol–water mixtures by liquid–liquid extraction using phosphonium-based ionic liquids
Bio-alcohols are produced from biomass by fermentation, and distillation is commonly used to separate the alcohol from the aqueous phase. This is, however, a high energy consumption process, andExpand
Tetraalkylphosphonium-based ionic liquids
Abstract Ionic liquids are salts that are liquid at or near room temperature. Their wide liquid range, good thermal stability, and very low vapor pressure make them attractive for numerousExpand
Smectic Liquid-Crystalline Phases of Quaternary Group VA (Especially Phosphonium) Salts with Three Equivalent Long n-Alkyl Chains. How Do Layered Assemblies Form in Liquid-Crystalline and Crystalline
The neat phase behavior of 28 phosphonium salts (nPmA), each with three equivalent long n-alkyl chains containing m carbon atoms and one shorter chain containing n carbon atoms or a benzyl group,Expand
A mild esterification process in phosphonium salt ionic liquid
A general, high yielding procedure is described for the esterification of carboxylic acids through carboxylate alkylation in phosphonium salt ionic liquid.
Alkyltributylphosphonium chloride ionic liquids: synthesis, physicochemical properties and crystal structure.
This work is a continuation of an extended series of tetraalkylphosphonium ionic liquids, where the focus is on the variability of n and its impact on the physical properties, such as melting points/glass transitions, thermal stability, density and viscosity. Expand
Alkyltrioctylphosphonium chloride ionic liquids: synthesis and physicochemical properties.
The first example of an empirical alternation effect for ionic liquids is presented, and the manner in which the variable chain length impacts the physical properties, such as melting points/glass transitions, thermal stability, density and viscosity is presented. Expand