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Identification of a Series of Tricyclic Natural Products as Potent Broad-Spectrum Inhibitors of Metallo-β-Lactamases
This series of metallo-β-lactamase inhibitors exhibit the most promising antibacterial synergy activity so far observed against organisms producing meetallo- β- lactamases.
A New Chaetoglobosin Isolated from A Fungus of the Genus Discosia
Abstract A new chaetoglobosin, named chaetoglobosin P (1) has been isolated from a fungus of the genus Discosia and its structure elucidated by spectroscopic analysis in comparison with published
Studies on the molecular recognition of synthetic methyl beta-lactoside analogs by ricin, a cytotoxic plant lectin.
The distribution of low-energy conformers of these disaccharide structures permits this interaction to take place with the hydroxyl group at this position intramolecularly bonded, thus rendering this region of the molecule more lipophylic in character for acceptance into nonpolar regions of the combining site.
Substrate specificity of small-intestinal lactase. Assessment of the role of the substrate hydroxyl groups.
It is confirmed that lactase does not behave as a typical beta-galactosidase, since it does not show an absolute selectivity with respect to substitution and stereochemistry at C4' in the galactose moiety of the substrate, however, the glucose moiety appears to be important for substrate hydrolysis, although none of the hydroxyl groups seemed to be essential.