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First Mesozoic mammal from Australia—an early Cretaceous monotreme
Here we describe Australia's first known Mesozoic mammal and the first known early Cretaceous mammal from Gondwanaland. Steropodon galmani n. gen. and sp., discovered in early Cretaceous sediments atExpand
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The most primitive osteichthyan braincase?
Most living vertebrates, from teleosts to tetrapods, are osteichthyans (bony fishes), but the origin of this major group is poorly understood. The actinopterygians (ray-finned bony fishes) are theExpand
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Crossopterygian fishes from the Devonian of Antarctica: systematics, relationships and biogeographic significance
Four new genera of osteolepifonns and a new rhizodontifonn genus are described from the Middle-Late Devonian Aztec Siltstone (Beacon Supergroup) of Antarctica. Other indetenninate osteolepid,Expand
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The Sinolepidae, a family of antiarchs (placoderm fishes) from the Devonian of South China and eastern Australia
Two new antiarchs are described, from the Late Devonian Hunter Siltstone near Grenfell in south-eastern Australia (Grenfellaspis branagani n.gen., n.sp.), and from the Early Middle Devonian DayaoshanExpand
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The braincase and palate of the tetrapodomorph sarcopterygian mandageria fairfaxi: morphological variability near the fish–tetrapod transition
The braincase of the Late Devonian tristichopterid sarcopterygian Mandageria fairfaxi, from Canowindra, NSW, Australia, differs radically from the conservative pattern present in otherExpand
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Microvertebrate sampling of the Stairway Sand- stone (Darriwilian, Middle Ordovician, central Australia) has yielded scales that are chondrichthyan-like in their overall construction, and TantalepisExpand
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Phanerozoic stratigraphy and structure of the northern Barrier Ranges, western New South Wales
Devonian strata near Fowlers Gap and Nundooka Stations, northern Barrier Ranges comprise ∼2.7 km of sparsely fossiliferous, fluvially deposited sandstones (Mulga Downs Group). These strata areExpand
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The Advanced Light Source (ALS) is a third generation synchrotron light source located at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). There was an increasing demand at the ALS
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Scattered and Dissonant: The Clean Air Act, Greenhouse Gases, and Implications for the Oil and Gas Industry
In the midst of a domestic oil and gas production revolution, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has constructed a web of findings and regulations to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissionsExpand
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Silicon 1s near edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy of functionalized silicon nanocrystals.
Silicon 1s Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) spectra of silicon nanocrystals have been examined as a function of nanocrystal size (3-100 nm), varying surface functionalizationExpand
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