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Effects of a short-term differently dosed aerobic exercise on maximum aerobic capacity in breast cancer survivors: a pilot study.
BACKGROUND/AIM Regular physical activity and exercise improves quality of life and possibly reduces risk of disease relapse and prolongs survival in breast cancer survivors. The aim of this study wasExpand
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Generation of engine oils with defined degree of degradation by means of a large scale artificial alteration method
Abstract A novel artificial alteration method was developed to generate altered engine oils with defined degradation degree in large amounts. The final oil condition was selected based on a fieldExpand
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Engine Oils in the Field: A Comprehensive Chemical Assessment of Engine Oil Degradation in a Passenger Car
For the understanding of oil degradation in a combustion engine, in particular zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) deterioration and its impact on wear expressed as iron content, a field test with aExpand
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Correlation Between Engine Oil Degradation, Tribochemistry, and Tribological Behavior with Focus on ZDDP Deterioration
This work aimed to bridge the gap between engine oil degradation, in particular zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) deterioration, its effect on tribofilm formation, and its eventual impact onExpand
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Modified-Atmospheric Pressure-Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Identification of Friction Modifier Additives Oleamide and Ethoxylated Tallow Amines on Varied Metal Target Materials and
For many tasks in failure and damage analysis of surfaces deteriorated in heavy tribological contact, the detailed characterization of used lubricants and their additives is essential. The objectiveExpand
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Effectiveness of lubricant additives for copper‐alloy‐steel sliding contacts
A selection of additives and their performance and compatibility with a variety of copper alloys have been evaluated in an SRV test set-up. The tests show a remarkable variation of tribologicalExpand
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The role of echocardiography in monitoring the therapeutic effect of levothyroxine replacement therapy in subclinical hypothyroidism
Paper description: • Clarification of the effects of levothyroxine treatment on cardiovascular risk present in subclinical hypothyroidism may contribute to the strategy in planning cardiovascularExpand
Superlubricity of glycerol is enhanced in the presence of graphene or graphite
Abstract In this chapter, synergistic effects between graphene/graphite and glycerol are investigated and proved to be effective to achieve superlubricity for steel, carbon coating, and ceramicsExpand
Association of subclinical left ventricular dysfunction in type-2 diabetic patients with nighttime blood pressure pattern
There are functional changes in organism during pregnancy,like an increase in heart rate and cardiac output, which increase hemodynamic stress on blood vessels, and can lead to development of anExpand