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Constraining warm dark matter candidates including sterile neutrinos and light gravitinos with WMAP and the Lyman-{alpha} forest
The matter power spectrum at comoving scales of $(1\ensuremath{-}40){h}^{\ensuremath{-}1}\text{ }\text{ }\mathrm{Mpc}$ is very sensitive to the presence of Warm Dark Matter (WDM) particles with large
Largest temperature of the radiation era and its cosmological implications
The thermal history of the universe before the epoch of nucleosynthesis is unknown. The maximum temperature in the radiation-dominated era, which we will refer to as the reheat temperature, may have
CMBPol Mission Concept Study Probing Ination with CMB Polarization
We summarize the utility of precise cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization measurements as probes of the physics of ination. We focus on the prospects for using CMB measurements
Inflation and the theory of cosmological perturbations
These lectures provide a pedagogical introduction to inflation and the theory of cosmological perturbations generated during inflation which are thought to be the origin of structure in the universe.
The full second-order radiation transfer function for large-scale CMB anisotropies
We calculate the full second-order radiation transfer function for cosmic microwave background anisotropies on large angular scales in a flat universe filled with matter and cosmological constant. It
The Halo Mass Function from Excursion Set Theory. I. Gaussian fluctuations with non-markovian dependence on the smoothing scale
A classic method for computing the mass function of dark matter halos is provided by excursion set theory, where density perturbations evolve stochastically with the smoothing scale, and the problem