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Electrocardiographic reference values in whippets.
The aim of this study was to determine the electrocardiographic characteristics of whippets and to compare the results with published reference values for a general dog population.Expand
Influence of Lignocaine on Plasma Protein Binding and Pharmacokinetics of Verapamil in Dogs
Abstract— The effect of lignocaine (lidocaine) on the plasma protein binding of verapamil has been studied in‐vitro and in‐vivo in dogs. The binding of verapamil was ca 85%. In‐vitro addition ofExpand
Bioavailability of three brands of digoxin tablets in dogs
As information on the comparative bioavailability of digoxin tablets in dogs is scarce, three brands of digoxin tablets, commercially available in Belgium, were compared in 6 healthy dogs in aExpand
Artrial fibrillation in the dog.
Drug reactions leading to toxicity
Clinically relevant drug interactions leading to toxicity are discussed with emphasis on the mechanism of action and clinical implications. No attempts are made to cover the whole field of drugExpand
Clinical pharmacokinetic studies of digoxin and digitoxin in the dog
Digitalis glycosides have a narrow therapeutic index. Small changes in the dose, bioavailability, rate of elimination and interactions with other drugs can lead to either subtherapeutic or toxicExpand