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The 2014 ALMA Long Baseline Campaign: First Results from High Angular Resolution Observations toward the HL TAU Region
We present Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations from the 2014 Long Baseline Campaign in dust continuum and spectral line emission from the HL Tau region. The continuumExpand
High-resolution studies of radio sources in the Hubble Deep and Flanking Fields
18 days of MERLIN data and 42 h of A-array VLA data at 1.4 GHz have been combined to image a 10-arcmin field centred on the Hubble Deep Field (HDF). This area also includes the Hubble Flanking FieldsExpand
Quasi-periodic Formaldehyde Maser Flares in the Massive Protostellar Object IRAS 18566+0408
We report results of an extensive observational campaign of the 6 cm formaldehyde maser in the young massive stellar object IRAS 18566+0408 (G37.55+0.20) conducted from 2002 to 2009. Using theExpand
The diversity of methanol maser morphologies from VLBI observations
Context. The 6.7 GHz methanol maser marks an early stage of high-mass star formation, but the origin of this maser is currently a matter of debate. In particular it is unclear whether the maserExpand
The 6-GHz methanol multibeam maser catalogue - V. Galactic longitudes 20 ◦ -60 ◦
WepresentthefifthportionofanunbiasedsurveyoftheGalacticplane, |b |≤ 2 ◦ ,for6668-MHz methanol masers. This section of the survey completes the Galactic longitude range visible to the Parkes radioExpand
Light Curves and Radio Structure of the 1999 September Transient Event in V4641 Sagittarii (=XTE J1819-254=SAX J1819.3-2525)
We report on radio observations of the 1999 September event of the X-ray transient V4641 Sgr (=XTE J1819-254=SAX J1819.3-2525). This event was extremely rapid in its rise and decay across radio,Expand
MERLIN polarimetry of the OH masers in OH17.7–2.0
‘The definitive version is available at www.blackwell-synergy.com '. Copyright Royal Astronomical Society. DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2003.06071.x [Full text of this article is not available in theExpand
OH (1720 MHz) Masers: A Multiwavelength Study of the Interaction between the W51C Supernova Remnant and the W51B Star Forming Region
We present a comprehensive view of the W51B H II region complex and the W51C supernova remnant (SNR) using new radio observations from the VLA, VLBA, MERLIN, JCMT, and CSO along with archival dataExpand
ALMA Long Baseline Observations of the Strongly Lensed Submillimeter Galaxy HATLAS J090311.6+003906 at z=3.042
We present initial results of very high resolution Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations of the $z$=3.042 gravitationally lensed galaxy HATLAS J090311.6+003906 (SDP.81).Expand
ALMA Discovery of Dust Belts Around Proxima Centauri
Proxima Centauri, the star closest to our Sun, is known to host at least one terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit. Here we report the ALMA detection of the star at 1.3 mm wavelength andExpand