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Microscopic examination of bile directly collected during endoscopic cannulation of the papilla
The usefulness of microscopic examination of pure bile directly collected from the biliary tract during endoscopic retrograde cholangiography and without hormonal simulation was prospectivelyExpand
N‐terminally extended somatostatin: The primary structure of somatostatin‐28
The primary structure of this intestinal peptide has been found to be an octacosapeptide, somatostatin-28, which is a precursor of somatogtatin-14 and Sequence comparison between somatstatin- 28 and prohormones also suggest that it may be a precursor. Expand
Early and late complications after endoscopic sphincterotomy for biliary lithiasis with and without the gall bladder 'in situ'.
No episodes of cholangitis were observed in patients without stones despite reflux of barium up the biliary tree as observed during a barium meal examination, and endoscopic sphincterotomy was successful in 407 patients. Expand
Receptors for cholecystokinin and gastrin peptides display specific binding properties and are structurally different in guinea-pig and dog pancreas.
The binding properties of peptides related to cholecystokinin and gastrin on dog pancreatic acini compared to guinea-pig acini are analyzed to support the concept of heterogeneity of CCK/gastrin receptors. Expand
Inhibition of exocrine pancreatic secretion by somatostatin in dogs.
Somatostatin caused a strong inhibition of basal or slightly stimulated pancreatic secretion but failed to inhibit the maximal responses, suggesting that somatostarin interacts with secretin or caerulein by a competitive mechanism. Expand
Use of caerulein with submaximal doses of secretin as a test of pancreatic function in man.
A combination of caerulein and secretin represents a safe, reliable, and effective mean of stimulating pancreatic exocrine secretion for the purpose of testing pancreatic function. Expand
VIP regulation of a human pancreatic cancer cell line: Capan-1
The present pancreatic cancer cell line lacks secretin-preferring receptors and acquires some of the properties of intestinal cells at the difference of normal pancreatic cells. Expand
Ethanol metabolism by the rat pancreas.
The data show that the pancreas was able to metabolize ethanol, and the level of ADH favors the idea that the pancakes was more exposed to the intracellular effects of ethanol than other tissues. Expand
Interaction of [125I]-Tyr4-bombesin with specific receptors on normal human pancreatic membranes
The binding of bombesin to its receptors on normal human pancreatic membranes was investigated using high specific activity, radioiodinated bombsin ([125I]-Tyr4-bombesin, prepared by an oxidative method with chloramine-T and the binding characteristics obtained are comparable with those found in other species. Expand