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Smooth muscle alpha-actin is a marker for hair follicle dermis in vivo and in vitro.
We have examined the expression of smooth muscle alpha-actin in hair follicles in situ, and in hair follicle dermal cells in culture by means of immunohistochemistry. Smooth muscle alpha-actin wasExpand
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Plasticity of hair follicle dermal cells in wound healing and induction
Abstract: The capacity of adult hair follicle dermal cells to participate in new follicle induction and regeneration, and to elicit responses from diverse epithelial partners, demonstrates a level ofExpand
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Trans-gender induction of hair follicles
Human follicle cells can be induced to grow in an incompatible host of the other sex.
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Cultured dermal papilla cells induce follicle formation and hair growth by transdifferentiation of an adult epidermis.
Adult rat pelage follicle dermal papilla cells induced follicle neogenesis and external hair growth when associated with adult footpad skin epidermis. They thus demonstrated a capacity to completelyExpand
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Hair follicle dermal sheath cells: unsung participants in wound healing
The dermal sheath that surrounds the outside of the hair follicle contains progenitor cells that maintain and regenerate the dermal papilla, a key component for hair growth. Our contention is thatExpand
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Dermal-epidermal interactions. Adult follicle-derived cell populations and hair growth.
Intrinsic dermal-epidermal interactions are central to the development and growth of hair. This article describes investigations into the inductive properties of specific dermal and epidermal cellExpand
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Inductive Properties of Hair Follicle Cells
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Subacute necrotising encephalopathy in an Alaskan husky.
A 29-month-old female Alaskan husky was presented recumbent, tetraparetic and in a state of dementia, with blindness and cranial nerve deficits. The dog's progress was followed for over two months,Expand
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Principles of food sanitation
Now in its 6th Edition, this highly acclaimed textbook provides sanitation information needed to ensure hygienic practices and safe food for food industry personnel as well as students. It addressesExpand
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Hair follicle stem cells? A distinct germinative epidermal cell population is activated in vitro by the presence of hair dermal papilla cells.
Germinative epidermal cells in the lower end bulb region of anagen hair follicles are highly active, and give rise to hair fibres through rapid proliferation and complex differentiation. They haveExpand
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