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Maternal plasma cellular fibronectin concentrations in normal and preeclamptic pregnancies: a longitudinal study for early prediction of preeclampsia.
In women in whom clinical preeclampsia developed, endothelial damage seemed to be present since early gestation, and cellular fibronectin levels of >or=3.8 microg/mL within 22 to 26 weeks of gestation may help in the early detection of preeClampsia in healthy nulliparous women. Expand
Prostacyclin/thromboxane early changes in pregnancies that are complicated by preeclampsia.
The prostacyclin/thromboxane ratio favored vasoconstriction early in gestation in women in whom preeclampsia developed. Expand
Effect of bafilomycin A1, a specific inhibitor of vacuolar (V‐type) proton ATPases, on the capacitation of rabbit spermatozoa
The results indicate that vacuolar ATPases play an important role during rabbit sperm capacitation, however, once the spermatozoa have been capacitated, V‐type ATPases do not have a significant participation during the acrosome reaction. Expand
Presence and regional distribution of sialyl transferase in the epididymis of the rat.
Epididymal tissue contains aglycoprotein-glycosyl transferase which transfers sialyl residues from cytidine 5’-monophosphate-sialic to endogenous orexogenous (desialo-fetuin)acceptors and cauda spermatozoa behaveasinhibitors of the enzymatic activity, particularly with caput extracts. Expand
Amino acid and protein concentrations of human follicular fluid.
The amino acid and protein composition of human follicular fluid, obtained during surgery from women with polycystic ovaries and of a simultaneously obtained sample of blood plasma, showed some consistent differences, particularly in the alpha-globulin region, with the pattern observed in blood plasma. Expand
Adhesion molecules changes at 20 gestation weeks in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia.
Early enhanced activation of endothelial cells, platelets and leukocytes seem to be present in preeclamptic patients, especially in those that develop severe preeclampsia. Expand
Concentrations of calmodulin in sperm in relation to their motility in fertile euspermic and infertile asthenozoospermic men.
There was a significant decrease in the % sperm motility, mean sperm velocity, motility index and % of progressively motile sperm in the asthenozoospermic group when compared with euspermic men. Expand
Asymmetric calmodulin distribution in the hypothalamus Role of sexual differentiation in the rat
The presence of left-right hypothalamic asymmetries in CaM concentration in male and female rats, as well as the changes induced on these parameters by neonatal subcutaneous administration of tamoxifen or testosterone, reinforce the role of CaM in the development of sex-related hypothalamic functions. Expand
Participation of membrane sulfhydryl groups in the epididymal maturation of human and rabbit spermatozoa.
Changes in the concentration of -SH groups on the human and rabbit spermatozoal membrane and during epididymal maturation were studied by means of a new fluorescent probe, carboxyphenylmaleimideExpand
Capacitation in vitro of rabbit spermatozoa with cyclic adenosine monophosphate and human follicular fluid.
The best in vitro capacitation was obtained when cyclic AMP and HFF were added sequentially in a manner that may resemble the 2 stages proposed to be necessary to produce in vivo capacitation. Expand