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Families affected by parental mental illness: a multiperspective account of issues and interventions.
An overview of various issues and interventions for families affected by parental mental illness is seen as potentially useful for practitioners and program developers as well as providing a resource bank for systematic evaluation, research, and policy. Expand
Parental mental illness: a review of barriers and issues for working with families and children.
This paper summarizes the constraining barriers and issues for the psychiatric workforce according to policy and management; interagency collaboration; worker attitude, skill and knowledge; the parent-consumer; and the consumer's family, including children. Expand
Children of a parent with a mental illness: perspectives on need
The needs of children whose parent has a mental illness are examined from the perspectives of children, parents and mental health and welfare professionals and recommendations are made regarding policy and service provision. Expand
Success and Near Misses: Pre-Service Teachers' Use, Confidence and Success in Various Classroom Management Strategies.
While the importance of effective classroom management is repeatedly made, there is little comprehensive research identifying the management strategies pre-service teachers employ, nor how successfulExpand
Prevalence of parental mental illness in Australian families
The multiple prevalence estimates of the numbers of children in families with parental mental illness provide fundamental information for psychiatric policy, planning and programming. Expand
Intervention programs for children whose parents have a mental illness: a review
Objective: To identify and describe intervention programs to improve outcomes for children whose parents have a mental illness.
Understanding autism and understanding my child with autism: an evaluation of a group parent education program in rural Australia.
The six-week program was designed to improve parent's knowledge and understanding of Autism, improve their confidence in managing their child and decrease parental anxiety, and parent feedback indicated that ongoing parent education sessions at regular intervals would enhance the impact of the program. Expand
Social Worker’s Use of Self
Although social worker’s use of self has been conceptualized in different ways throughout the literature, there appears to be a lack of research regarding how social workers describe and involve theExpand
Fathers’ Experience of Parenting with a Mental Illness
In comparison to mothers, there is a lack of research on fathers with a mental illness. Consequently, 11 men with a mental illness were interviewed about their parenting experiences and needs.Expand
Strategies and Issues in Supporting Children Whose Parents Have A Mental Illness Within the School System
While the study had a small number of participants, the findings provide potentially useful information for school staff when working with this at risk group of children. Expand