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Tomato alcohol dehydrogenase: purification and substrate specificity.
The tomato enzyme differs from other reported plant enzymes in showing substantial activity on geraniol, and is inhibited slowly by iodoacetamide, and reversibly by acetamide and zinc-chelating compounds. Expand
Conversion of canavanine to α-keto-γ-guanidinooxybutyrate and to vinylglyoxylate and 2-hydroxyguanidine
Abstract It was observed previously that hydroxyguanidine is formed in the reaction of canavanine(2-amino-4-guanidinooxybutanoate) with amino acid oxidases. The present work shows thatExpand
Studies on the metabolism of guanidine compounds in mammals.
It is demonstrated that both l -arginine and l -canavanine can serve as precursors of guanidine in the rat and bearers of the picrate salt with no significant loss of specific activity. Expand
Conversion of canavanine to alpha-keto-gamma-guanidinooxybutyrate and to vinylglyoxylate and 2-hydroxyguanidine.
The present work shows that hydroxyguanidine is formed by a nonenzymatic beta,gamma-elimination reaction following enzymatic oxidation at the alpha-C and that the abstraction of the beta-H is general-base catalyzed. Expand