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Vibrational communication in subterranean mole rats (Spalax ehrenbergi)
SummaryWe describe a vibrational communication system in subterranean mole rats of the Spalax ehrenbergi superspecies in Israel. The signals are produced by head thumping against the tunnel ceilingExpand
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Communities of practice or communities of coping
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyse the formation of CoPs (communities of practice) in three call centres of cellular communication operating companies inExpand
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Emotions at Work: Normative Control, Organizations, and Culture in Japan and America
Our work life is filled with emotions. How we feel on the job, what we say we feel, and what feelings we display - all these are important aspects of organizational behavior and workplace culture.Expand
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The Orient Strikes Back: A Global View of Cultural Display:The Orient Strikes Back: A Global View of Cultural Display.
  • A. Raz
  • Art, Sociology
  • 1 November 2001
The Orient Strikes Back: A Global View of Cultural Display. Joy Hendry Oxford: Berg, 2000. vii + 257 pp., figures, plates, bibliography, index.
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Riding the Black Ship: Japan and Tokyo Disneyland
In 1996 over 16 million people visited Tokyo Disneyland, making it the most popular of the many theme parks in Japan. Since it opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland has been analyzed mainly as an exampleExpand
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Diversity and uniformity in genetic responsibility: moral attitudes of patients, relatives and lay people in Germany and Israel
The professional and institutional responsibility for handling genetic knowledge is well discussed; less attention has been paid to how lay people and particularly people who are affected by geneticExpand
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"The Most Important Test You'll Ever Take"?: attitudes toward confidential carrier matching and open individual testing among modern-religious Jews in Israel.
This article reports on attitudes of modern-religious Ashkenazi Jewish adults in Israel toward anonymous carrier matching for severe monogenic diseases by Dor Yesharim (the ultra-orthodoxExpand
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Managerial Culture, Workplace Culture and Situated Curricula in Organizational Learning
Seen from a perspective of symbolic interaction and social constructivism, organizational learning is a practical accomplishment that takes place among and through other organizational members. ThisExpand
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Can Population-Based Carrier Screening Be Left to the Community?
  • A. Raz
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Genetic Counseling
  • 21 February 2009
As more genes and mutations are identified in diseases for which particular populations are at increased risk, it is becoming more important to address the social interface between communities andExpand
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Ambiguous Professionalism: Managing Efficiency and Service Quality in an Israeli Call Centre
This case study examines the management of frontline employees in an Israeli call centre by focusing on the organisational rhetoric of professionalism and the implementation of integrative humanExpand
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