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Atomic Collisions and Spectra
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What are ‘ variational principles ’ ?
The developmentanduseof variationalprinciplesfor variousproblemsin atomic physicsby Larry Spruchandhis collaboratorsover the last forty yearsis reviewed anda roadmapprovidedfor theirpublications.Expand
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Quantum discord for two-qubit X states
Quantum discord, a kind of quantum correlation, is defined as the difference between quantum mutual information and classical correlation in a bipartite system. In general, this correlation isExpand
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Symmetries in Quantum Physics
Infinitesimal rotations and angular momentum frame reversal and complex conjugation standard r-transformation matrices and their applications reduction of direct products (addition of angularExpand
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Manipulating two-spin coherences and qubit pairs
A compact derivation is given for propagators of a wide class of time-dependent Hamiltonians that describe coupled spin (``qubit'') pairs. As many as eight of the 16 operators in the system, eachExpand
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Geometric phase for N-level systems through unitary integration
Geometric phases are important in quantum physics and are now central to fault-tolerant quantum computation. For spin 1/2, the Bloch sphere S{sup 2}, together with a U(1) phase, provides a completeExpand
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Collisions near threshold in atomic and molecular physics
We review topics of current interest in the physics of electronic, atomic and molecular scattering in the vicinity of thresholds. Starting from phase space arguments, we discuss the modifications ofExpand
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Generalized X states of N qubits and their symmetries
that for N qubits, with an exponential increase in the number of parameters, that similar subsets of N-qubit X states with fewer parameters but still embracing most of the phenomena of interest willExpand
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Atoms in Strong Magnetic Fields
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