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Revisiting State Succession to Humanitarian Treaties: Is There a Case for Automaticity?
A belief formed over the last decade, both within and outside the academic community, that humanitarian treaties are subject to a special regime in the law of state succession, known as ‘automaticExpand
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Status quo and present challenges of the sustainable use and management of water and land resources in Central Asian irrigation zones - The example of the Navoi region (Uzbekistan)
Abstract Soil salinization is a major problem in many arid and agriculturally used regions and Central Asia is a prime example for this. Intensive irrigation, saline water resources, shallowExpand
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World Trade Law After Neo-liberalism
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"The nameless rapture of the struggle": towards a Marxist class-theoretic approach to international law
This article argues that the main goal of the new generation of leftwing international legal scholars should be to help the critical international law project break out of its prison-house ofExpand
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New Voices and New Perspectives in International Economic Law
This book brings together a series of contributions by international legal scholars that explore a range of subjects and themes in the field of international economic law and global economicExpand
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Why it is Not a Good Idea to Think of Treaties as Contracts: A Critique of the Domestic Analogy
What is the place for the contractualist analogy in the modern law of treaties? This essay addresses a number of critical issues raised by this question.
The Life and Times of the Modern Law of Reservations: The Doctrinal Genealogy of General Comment No. 24
This article represents the first stage of a larger investigative project. Its principal aim is to prepare the ground for a systematic legal-historical examination of a particular international legalExpand
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The Empty Circularity of the Indirect Expropriations Doctrine: What International Investment Law Can Learn from American Legal Realism
The doctrine of indirect expropriation forms one of the cornerstones of contemporary international investment law (IIL). This paper argues that it is theoretically and conceptually unsustainable. ItExpand
A Marxism for International Law: A New Agenda
What can Marxist theory contribute to the discipline of international legal studies? Can one be a Marxist and an international lawyer at the same time? What place is there for international legalExpand
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