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Electronic spectrum of twisted bilayer graphene: from insulator to metal
A.O. Sboychakov, 2 A.L. Rakhmanov, 2, 3, 4 A.V. Rozhkov, 2, 3 and Franco Nori 5 CEMS, RIKEN, Wako-shi, Saitama, 351-0198, Japan Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electrodynamics, Russian Academy
Terahertz Josephson plasma waves in layered superconductors: spectrum, generation, nonlinear, and quantum phenomena
The recent growing interest in terahertz (THz) and sub-THz science and technology is due to its many important applications in physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and medicine. We review the
Approximate Ginzburg-Landau solution for the regular flux-line lattice: Circular cell method
A variational model is proposed to describe the magnetic properties of type-II superconductors in the entire field range between $H_{c1}$ and $H_{c2}$ for any values of the Ginzburg-Landau parameter
Instabilities of the AA-stacked graphene bilayer.
It is demonstrated that the AA-stacked bilayer graphene becomes unstable with respect to a set of spontaneous symmetry violations, and it is found that antiferromagnetism is the most stable order parameter.
Metal-insulator transition and phase separation in doped AA-stacked graphene bilayer
We investigate the doping of AA-stacked graphene bilayers. Applying a mean field theory at zero temperature we find that, at half-filling, the bilayer is an antiferromagnetic insulator. Upon doping,
Magnetism of ultrathin Pd99Fe01 films grown on niobium
Magnetic properties of ultrathin Pd99Fe01 films grown on niobium films are investigated by magneto-optic visualization, SQUID magnetometry, and Hall-voltage measurements in the temperature range from
Surface Josephson plasma waves in layered superconductors above the plasma frequency: evidence for a negative index of refraction.
A new branch of surface Josephson plasma waves (SJPWs) in layered superconductors for frequencies higher than theJosephson plasma frequency is predicted and the excitation of high-frequency SJPWs by means of the attenuated-total-reflection method.
Analogues of nonlinear optics using terahertz Josephson plasma waves in layered superconductors
Electromagnetic waves in layered superconductors are known as Josephson plasma waves (JPWs). An important property of JPWs is the gap in their energy spectrum: JPWs can propagate if the frequency ω
Quantum metamaterials: Electromagnetic waves in Josephson qubit lines
We consider the propagation of a classical electromagnetic wave through a transmission line, formed by identical superconducting charge qubits inside a superconducting resonator. Since the qubits can