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Bombay Lectures On Highest Weight Representations Of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras
This book is a collection of a series of lectures given by Prof. V Kac at Tata Institute, India in Dec '85 and Jan '86. These lectures focus on the idea of a highest weight representation, which goesExpand
An algebraic geometry study of theb−c system with arbitrary twist fields and arbitrary statistics
We present an analysis of the generalb−c system (including the β−γ system) on a compact Riemann surface of arbitrary genusg≧0 by postulating that its correlation functions should only have theExpand
The gauge transformations of the Schwinger model
Abstract We determine the group of implementable local gauge transformations of massless quantum electrodynamics in two space-time dimensions in the covariant Landau gauge. It splits into an infiniteExpand
Fay's trisecant identity and conformal field theory
We study the correlation functions of a system of free chiral fermions on a compact Riemann surface using techniques of algebraic geometry. Fay's trisecant identity arises as a consequence of theExpand
A presentation and a generalization are given of the phenomenon of level rearrangement. This occurs when an attractive long-range potential is perturbed by a short-range attractive potential as itsExpand
Grassmannians, multiplicative ward identities and theta-function identities
Abstract The symmetry group Div0(Σ) on a Riemann surface is used to derive multiplicative Ward identities. These are used to determine the propagator for a spin-J system and to derive Fay's trisecantExpand
Projective structures on a Riemann surface
For a compact Riemann surface $X$ of any genus $g$, let $L$denote the line bundle $K_{X\times X}\otimes {\cal O}_{X\times X}(2\Delta)$ on $X\times X$, where $K_{X\times X}$ is the canonical bundle ofExpand
3 0 D ec 2 00 6 Level rearrangement in exotic atoms and quantum dots
Monique Combescure, Avinash Khare, Ashok Raina, Jean-Marc Richard, 5 and Carole Weydert Institut de Physique Nucláire de Lyon, CNRS-IN2P3 and Université Claude Bernard, 4, rue Enrico Fermi, 69622Expand