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Fog Computing in Healthcare Internet of Things: A Case Study on ECG Feature Extraction
Internet of Things technology provides a competent and structured approach to improve health and wellbeing of mankind. One of the feasible ways to offer healthcare services based on IoT is to monitorExpand
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Smart e-Health Gateway: Bringing intelligence to Internet-of-Things based ubiquitous healthcare systems
There have been significant advances in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) recently. At the same time there exists an ever-growing demand for ubiquitous healthcare systems to improve human healthExpand
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SEA: A Secure and Efficient Authentication and Authorization Architecture for IoT-Based Healthcare Using Smart Gateways
In this paper, a secure and efficient authentication and authorization architecture for IoT-based healthcare is developed. Security and privacy of patients’ medical data are crucial for the acceptaExpand
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Congestion aware, fault tolerant, and thermally efficient inter-layer communication scheme for hybrid NoC-bus 3D architectures
Three-dimensional IC technology offers greater device integration and shorter interlayer interconnects. In order to take advantage of these attributes, 3D stacked mesh architecture was proposed whichExpand
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Negative Exponential Distribution Traffic Pattern for Power/Performance Analysis of Network on Chips
In this paper, we propose a synthetic traffic model based on Negative Exponential Distribution (NED). This synthetic traffic profile is more similar to some statistical behavior of realistic tracesExpand
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On the Feasibility of Attribute-Based Encryption on Internet of Things Devices
The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging with the pace of technology evolution, connecting people and things through the Internet. IoT devices enable large-scale data collection and sharing for aExpand
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MapPro: Proactive Runtime Mapping for Dynamic Workloads by Quantifying Ripple Effect of Applications on Networks-on-Chip
Increasing dynamic workloads running on NoC-based many-core systems necessitates efficient runtime mapping strategies. With an unpredictable nature of application profiles, selecting a rationalExpand
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A lifetime-aware runtime mapping approach for many-core systems in the dark silicon era
In this paper, we propose a novel lifetime reliability-aware resource management approach for many-core architectures. The approach is based on hierarchical architecture, composed of a long-termExpand
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ARB-NET: A novel adaptive monitoring platform for stacked mesh 3D NoC architectures
The emerging three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs) offer a promising solution to mitigate the barriers of interconnect scaling in modern systems. In order to exploit the intrinsic capabilityExpand
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End-to-end security scheme for mobility enabled healthcare Internet of Things
We propose an end-to-end security scheme for mobility enabled healthcare Internet of Things (IoT). The proposed scheme consists of (i) a secure and efficient end-user authentication and authorizationExpand
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