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An efficient biosurfactant-producing bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa MR01, isolated from oil excavation areas in south of Iran.
A bacterial strain was isolated and cultured from the oil excavation areas in tropical zone in southern Iran and was affiliated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, able to produce a type of biosurfactant with excessive foam-forming properties. Expand
Development and Physical Characterization of Sorbitan Monoester Niosomes for Insulin Oral Delivery
Vesicles containing Span 60 showed the highest protection of insulin against proteolytic enzymes and good stability in the presence of sodium desoxycholate and storage temperatures. Expand
Solubility of some inhaled glucocorticoids in supercritical carbon dioxide
Abstract The equilibrium solubilities of three glucocorticoid drugs were investigated at temperatures ranging from 338 to 358 K and pressures from 213 to 385 bar in supercritical CO 2 by a simple andExpand
Loading hydrophilic drug in solid lipid media as nanoparticles: statistical modeling of entrapment efficiency and particle size.
The drug release profile of the optimal formulated material was examined in aqueous media and 64% of the Paromomycin loaded in SLNs was gradually released during 24h, which reveals efficient prolonged release of the drug. Expand
Delivery of a cocktail DNA vaccine encoding cysteine proteinases type I, II and III with solid lipid nanoparticles potentiate protective immunity against Leishmania major infection.
This is the first report demonstrating cSLNs as a nanoscale vehicle boosting immune response quality and quantity; in a designable trend and the nanomedical feature of this novel formulation can be applied for wide-spread use in genetic vaccination against leishmaniasis. Expand
Formulation and in vitro evaluation of ciprofloxacin containing niosomes for pulmonary delivery
Results indicate that niosome can be used as a carrier for pulmonary delivery of CPFX via nebulization through encapsulation in niosomes and minimal inhibitory concentration of the niosomal CPFX against some pulmonary pathogens were lower than free CPFX. Expand
Development of chitosan-based nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery of itraconazole as dry powder formulation
Abstract The aim of current study was to illustrate a strategy to encapsulate itraconazole into chitosan-based nanoparticles using a modified ionic gelation method and to fabricate them as inhalableExpand
Production of ultrafine drug particles through rapid expansion of supercritical solution; a statistical approach
Abstract Performance of Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution (RESS) process, under different operation conditions, was conditions were evaluated through the analysis of the drug particleExpand
High Expression of Methylotrophic Yeast-Derived Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in a pH-Controlled Batch System
Results of this study further confirmed the possibility of employing methylotrophic yeast for scaled up production aims of rHuEpo as a cost-efficient expression system when provided evidence for higher expression yields through application of pH-controlled systems. Expand
A rapid and sensitive method for simultaneous determination of insulin and A21-desamido insulin by high-performance liquid chromatography.
A reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography method with UV-detection at room temperature with average accuracy of 97.35+/-1.36% has been developed for the analysis of insulin and its main degradation product, A21-desamido insulin. Expand